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Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer to Replace Ty Cobb
President Trump has hired a controversial lawyer, who worked on the Clinton impeachment case, to work in his administration. Prior Special Counsel Emmet T. Flood, who played an integral role in Clinton’s impeachment during his time in office, will replace Ty Cobb. Key Facts • Although the POTUS is quick to...
Boy Scouts Dropping "Boy"
One of the oldest and most esteemed organizations for social wellness and capability, the Boy Scouts, has announced a plan to drop the “boy” from their name. They will instead become the “Scouts,” opening up admission to girls who prefer to join Scouts instead of Guides and other girl-focused...


Sonic Attacks Create Neurological Disruption for US Diplomats
Families of U.S. Diplomats living in Cuba have been called home due to a strange and mysterious illness baffling scientists. The illness seemingly produces neurological damage and a host of symptoms including hearing painful, high-pitched noises, crippling headaches, dizziness, nausea and difficulty concentrating. Key Facts • At least 24 Americans,...


Carson Seeks to Triple Rent for Low Income Americans
HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, is proposing a controversial plan to triple rent across the board for low-income Americans. The proposed amounts would only affect low-income Americans living in federally subsidized housing, most of whom are single parents, disabled, or between jobs. Currently, subsidized housing charges 30 percent of an...

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These Guns Look Like Everyday Objects
The left often complains about states allowing concealed carry; they posit that it’s dangerous because guns get into the wrong hands. Most of us know the evidence paints a very different picture. But what about when it comes to guns that really don’t look like guns? Should the rules...


Ready to raise your daily vibe even more
We’re in a world that changes from day to day. The political climate is like no other, and the gap between the classes and political affiliations is only getting wider, and sometimes more bizarre. The chaos may be necessary for change to ensue, but it can also make it...