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Sarah Sanders Slams Democrats Over Border Failures
Sarah Sanders spoke out against the Democratic Party and their refusal to keep our borders safe on Tuesday. While the Left might consider her interview to be triggering, she said what all sane people are thinking – and thank goodness someone is willing to speak up. Even though Democrats seem...
SHOCKING: Democrat Insults Trump Supporters on House Floor Anti-Trump rhetoric is at an all-time high in our country. Now, it’s being allowed right on the House floor! Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH) read a letter from a constituent bashing Trump supporters by calling them racist, ignorant and “just plain dumb.” The...


Trump Slams CNN Analyst For "Fake News"
Brian Karem is another shining example of our disingenuous media. Trump held up the written agreement between Mexico and the US for all to see during a press conference. Karem felt like it was a blank sheet of paper and tweeted about it. Fact checkers called Karem out shortly afterward...


NYT Cancels Timeless Element for Snowflakes
Political Correctness Strikes Again, Delivering Another Blow to Freedom of Speech The New York Times recently announced they will longer publish political cartoons in their international edition. Left-leaning snowflakes have been throwing temper tantrums over various cartoons for a couple of years now, especially when they don’t agree with the...

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Was D-Day the Death of Manliness?
It’s June 6, 1944. Allied forces rush into Nazi-occupied northern France. Between the beaches of Normandy and the French countryside, over 10,000 men are killed in the effort to beat back Hitler’s troops. Still, the brutal and bloody day serves its purpose, turning the tide of the war for good. Every...