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What to Expect From a National State of Emergency
Under United States law, the President has the right to call a national state of emergency if he believes the country is at risk. Generally, most people believe this strict-yet-important system is saved for true crisis scenarios --- events like September 9/11, epidemics and other potentially-fatal or devastating events....
Clinton May Take Another Crack At It
Good news for President Trump’s re-election: Hillary Clinton isn’t ruling out running in 2020. For some unknown reason, Hillary still thinks she has a chance at winning over the nation – even though all she seems to do is lose elections for the Left. We aren’t sure whether we...


Truth Behind Dems Bizarre Accusations
Back in the 1920s, former president Warren G. Harding was gifted a little Airedale terrier during his time in office. “Laddie Boy” became a faithful and tireless companion and the first official White House pet, setting off a trend that remained firmly in place for nearly a full century....


China Deal Means Big Changes for Automotive Industry
President Trump is bringing a positive message to the American people with regard to trade relations between the two countries. Taking to Twitter, Trump shared that Beijing’s representatives had confirmed a plan to "reduce and remove" the extremely high, punitive tariffs against our automotive industry. At around 40 percent,...

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Oregon Bill Puts Ridiculous Limits on Gun Owners
Picture this: It’s 2025. Civil war finally breaks out in the United States, and you’re quickly struggling to secure your home. Looting, riots and violent crimes begin to break out as people become more and more desperate. But you have no way to arm yourself and take advantage of...