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Trump Awards Medal of Honor to WWII Army Officer
Respect for our veterans is important – both when they’re still alive, and after they’re gone. Our President showcased this mindset this week when he awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor to late WWII Army 1st Lt. Garlin M. Conner. Key Facts • Connor, who served on the front lines,...
Abortion and Other Issues Likely to Be Affected by Kennedy’s Exit
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy resigned last week. The moderate judicial leader is credited with tempering hot-button issues from both the left and the right at various points in his career, including affirmative action and Roe v. Wade. Key Facts • Analysts are now talking about whether his departure may...


Buzz Aldrin Forced to Sue Children
Former astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, has made the bizarre move to sue two of his three children for slander and defamation. A third defendant, Christina Korp, who was Aldrin’s business manager at the time, is also named in the suit, which claims that Korp and the astronaut’s children conspired to...


GOP Seeks to End Trump's Trading Power
The GOP is attempting to slow down President Trump’s fierce tariffs by introducing new laws that force him to seek Congressional approval. The new proposed legislation gives the GOP and other members of Congress up to 60 days to review, approve, or reject each tariff, giving lawmakers much more...

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These Guns Look Like Everyday Objects
The left often complains about states allowing concealed carry; they posit that it’s dangerous because guns get into the wrong hands. Most of us know the evidence paints a very different picture. But what about when it comes to guns that really don’t look like guns? Should the rules...


These Daily Aches and Pains Could Mean Clogged Arteries
More than 90 million citizens suffer from cardiovascular diseases each year in the United States. Around 360,000 people will die as a direct result of Coronary Heart Diseases and their complications in the same time frame. One of the most common forms of cardiovascular disease is Atherosclerosis, a condition...