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5 Great Golf Resorts for the Casual Player
Golfing in a beautiful location is the ultimate vacation for casual players. Whether you plan to golf all weekend long or hope to punctuate site-seeing with a game in the afternoon, there are killer golf resorts all over the United States. With so many to choose from, how’s a golfer...
Activists Want to Retrain ICE Agents
Anti-ICE protests have surged in popularity among naive Leftists over the course of 2019. Democrats manufactured controversy around the border wall to throw the Liberals into a frenzy. They are attempting to get the public on their side for the sole purpose of passing legislation benefiting the Democrat establishment. Many...


Student Indoctrination: Educators Go Too Far
It’s long been an open secret that Progressive Liberals of the political left have worked diligently to turn the educational systems of America toward their ideals and vilify conservative values and their proponents. However, the young 2019-2020 school year seems to be ramping up the effort by orders of...


Have They Sounded Taps for the 2nd Amendment?
When a fallen first responder or soldier is laid to rest, Taps is the mournful song bugles play to say a final farewell. Many people do not know there are lyrics that pay a final tribute to the one who was lost. Day is done, Gone the sun, From the hills, From the...

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Serious Flu Shot Complications
Is the flu shot really safe? That’s the question on at least one woman’s mind after a misdelivered flu shot forced her to require surgery on her shoulder. As reported by CBS Local, Jacalyn Broze developed a condition known as Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA). Symptoms of...