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Dems or COVID-19: Which Virus Is Worse?

( - The coronavirus pandemic has staggered America like nothing else in modern history, arguably including the 9/11 terrorist attacks that brought down the...

You Might Be a Covidiot If…

( - Some wag did what they normally do during a time of crisis and coined a new word: covidiot. In other words, people...

Men’s Magazine Ends an Era

( - While many were checking their stocks on the Wall Street Journal Thursday morning, others were surprised to learn of the end of...

Americans Start Fighting Pandemic Back With This

( - During times of crisis, the news media blare headlines of doom, gloom, and, all too often, violence. But there’s something else about...


Covidiot Hall of Fame: World Leader Makes Case for Induction

( - Viruses are living organisms, though typically considered an unintelligent life form. A good rule of thumb is to think of them somewhat...


Government Sued for Deregulating Household Staple

( - People will sue over just about anything. Case in point: light bulbs. That's right, you read that correctly — light bulbs. Last year, President...

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There's no getting around it, winter is here. Your first reaction may be to hunker down near a cozy fire and hibernate, but thus,...

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Getting ready to plan out your next motorcycle adventure? The US has plenty to explore. You’ve likely traveled locally and maybe even across the...