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Are you ready to pay a significant increase in taxes and get less bang for your buck? If Democrats get their way, all Americans will pay more in taxes to support their hairbrained Medicare for All scheme. This proposed single-payer health program means less money in your bank account and...
Verizon Customers Fooled by New Scam
“Angry” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel as I write this. I pride myself on being aware of frauds, scams and schemes, but to my shock and horror, I just fell for a new Verizon phone scam. It’s the trickiest one I’ve seen yet. Watch out… here’s how...


Period Supplies Aren’t Just for Women and More Insanity
If you miss the good old days, when there were only two genders and you could safely call a pregnant person a woman, you aren’t alone. While most of us are largely unconcerned with what individuals choose to do with their bodies, the past few weeks have exposed a...


MD Governor Calls for Reversal of Thin Blue Line Ban
It has become common for the “thin blue line” flag to cause controversy among people who support police officers and those on the far Left, who seem to have a general disrespect for the law. Typically though, not much is said when it's displayed in police stations, which makes...

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Planning a Motorcycle Trip? Check Out These Top 5 Scenic Roadways
Getting ready to plan out your next motorcycle adventure? The US has plenty to explore. You’ve likely traveled locally and maybe even across the country, but there are a lot of nooks and crannies that go unnoticed. Here are five scenic roadways to explore by bike that are well...