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1 Dear AOC: “Go Home” Credibility is (perhaps) the most important trait a politician must possess. So, how is an elected official capable of fixing crucial issues in America when the country they come from is broken with a dysfunctional government? That’s the question Trump is getting roasted over because SOMEHOW...
US Pushes for Sanctions Against China The oppressive Chinese state hasn’t adhered to the US sanctions placed on Iran. China has deliberately imported massive amounts of oil from the middle eastern country. Now, the US is considering placing sanctions on China as punishment. According to this Tweet from Politico, China imported...


Crab Invasion in Florida! The heavy rain from Hurricane Barry affected more than residents of New Orleans. Hundreds of crabs with “real big claws” were forced to evacuate their homes. One Florida resident caught the entire invasion on camera. The man claims he was far less afraid of the crabs than...


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1 New Orleans Flooded — The Worst Is Yet to Come Will this next storm be Hurricane Katrina round two? A flash flood delivered nearly 10 inches of rain over New Orleans this week, causing widespread flooding and devastation. Tragically, it seems the downpour isn't over; there's more rain coming later...

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Ground Beef Warning (Confirmed)
Americans have a persistent love affair with ground beef, despite evidence, including new tests from Consumer Reports, that MOST ground beef has varying levels of bacteria and toxins that can make you sick ---and in some cases very seriously ill. According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta,...