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Ocasio-Cortez Tantrum Gets Met with Reality
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… there’s a name most of us associate with extreme instability and outright insanity. At 28, she’s one of the youngest politicians to serve in the House for the Democratic party --- and that inexperience really shows.But inexperience isn’t just inexperience, especially on the political stage. Someone with...
Obama Called Out by Trump
It’s official: President Trump has replaced former DHS lead Kirstjen Nielsen with McAleenan, an American attorney who previously served as Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. On top of that, he’s put the things Nielsen and the Trump administration in general were blamed for back on the shoulders...


60 Medical Professionals Arrested in Biggest DOJ Operation of Its Kind
Groundbreaking news, folks…60 medical professionals have been arrested in what the Department of Justice is calling the “largest operation of its kind.” All stand accused of writing illegal prescriptions for opiates --- the very same drug at the heart of the current opiate crisis all across America.Could this be...


Trump Demands Work Programs for Welfare
The President has a tough job. Inspire and lead the people, all while trying to find new and genius ways to balance the budget and build the wall. While that might not be an easy task, no one can deny that Trump has done a better job of making...

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The Bump Stock Ban is Days Away
Do you own bump stocks? As of next week, you’ll be forced to destroy them or turn them in thanks to a new federal law. That’s right: bump stocks are officially becoming illegal to sell, own, use, and possess all across the country. The problem? There’s no “grandfather clause”...