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Trump’s Faith in Voters Prevents Impeachment Concerns
They say if you have enemies, it means you had something to stand for. I guess that’s just the case for President Trump.There’s been a lot of talk about impeachment in recent days – mostly, more of the same bluster we’ve seen since the President first stepped into office....
Trump Declares Victory Over ISIS
Incredible news from the White House and Trump administration. In an early-morning tweet on December 19th, President Trump announced and celebrated his win over the Islamic State in Syria – one of his biggest campaign promises aside from the border wall.“We have defeated ISIS in Syria,” the tweet reads....


Truth Behind Dems Bizarre Accusations
Back in the 1920s, former president Warren G. Harding was gifted a little Airedale terrier during his time in office. “Laddie Boy” became a faithful and tireless companion and the first official White House pet, setting off a trend that remained firmly in place for nearly a full century....


China Deal Means Big Changes for Automotive Industry
President Trump is bringing a positive message to the American people with regard to trade relations between the two countries. Taking to Twitter, Trump shared that Beijing’s representatives had confirmed a plan to "reduce and remove" the extremely high, punitive tariffs against our automotive industry. At around 40 percent,...

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State Department Wants Ban on “Reproductive Health”
Internal memos obtained by news outlet Foreign Policy at the end of October reveal that the State Department may be pushing to change official reproductive health terms. The memos contain a proposal allegedly passed on to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, by conservative appointees; they’re asking the government...