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Clinton Claims Election Stolen
The Clintons are… hold on, are the Clintons even still relevant?We’re sorry to say the answer is still yes — at least in Hillary’s mind, anyway. The defeated pariah is once again telling people the election was stolen from her, meaning she never got a fair shot at the...
AOC Backs Lawsuit Against ICE
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fancies herself something of an expert in politics at the tender age of 27.  But take a glance at her track record in office so far; what you find should make you highly concerned for the future of our country.Now, we have evidence of yet another uninformed,...


Well… we aren’t quite sure what to make of this news. In today’s version of the modern “Twilight Zone,” Elizabeth Warren visited several of Trump’s strongest supporting states, where she promptly received a warm welcome and applause.Strange, right? So was this simple hospitality, or is there something more at...


Trump Demands Work Programs for Welfare
The President has a tough job. Inspire and lead the people, all while trying to find new and genius ways to balance the budget and build the wall. While that might not be an easy task, no one can deny that Trump has done a better job of making...

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NRA and HRA File Injunction Over Unconstitutional Firearm Laws
The right to bear arms is protected in the United States.This is a fact.But these days, it feels as if that right is slowly being stripped away. The Left continuously rallies to restrict everything from basic weapons to the very bullets used with them, doing everything they can to...