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Trump Surges to National Lead In New Poll

( - Opinion polls still show Democratic presidential wannabe Joe Biden holding on to a lead as the election campaign enters its final months....

House GOP Bill Aims to Stop the Teaching of Fake History

( - In 2019, The New York Times (NYT) reported on the 1619 Project, which would teach kids a radical leftist version of history....

Surprising Poverty Levels Numbers Are In

( - President Trump is pointing to his record on the economy as a key reason to re-elect him for a second term –...

Trump Vows to Protect Social Security

( - Donald Trump has consistently promised not to make any cuts to Social Security. He did so as a candidate, and he renewed...


Chicago Murder Rate Cut in Half, Thanks to AG Barr

( - A new law enforcement initiative effectively reversed Chicago's surge of violent crime and murder despite initial push-back from the city's Democratic Mayor. The...

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Biden Jumps On Cop Shootings to Push Anti-2A Agenda

( - Less than a day after two California cops were ambushed by a gunman, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is exploiting the crime...

Florida Latinos Could Thwart Biden

( - For nearly six months, polls have shown Donald Trump gaining ground with Black voters in key battleground states. Much of that is...

Chicago Police Union Endorses Trump

( - Liberals across the country have picked up the battle cry "Defund the Police." They’ve also forbidden officers from using less-lethal methods of...