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Has America Permanently Lost Its Unity?

( - Watching the news today makes one wonder how we even have a country. Half of the people detest the President of the...

Medicine Used to Attack Religious Liberties

( - Religious-based hospitals are under assault, though it was predictable and inevitable. Catholic hospitals are now being attacked by secularists who are trying...

Treasury Secretary: New Stimulus Has Wins and Losses

( - On Thursday morning, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered a behind closed-door preview of negotiations on the CARES 4 relief package with the...

Convention Canceled

( - COVID-19 strikes again. The spike in cases and deaths has led to President Donald Trump canceling the Republican National Convention, which was...


The Flynn Case That Won’t Go Away

( - The assault on federal law and the Constitution continues in the Michael Flynn case, and this time it's being upheld by the...

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Progressives Deny Cracks in Biden Foundation

( - Cracks are developing in the Democratic Party. The question is, how deep and wide are they with less than 100 days to...

Mail-In Ballot Issues Could Put November Election in Question

( - The presidential election is coming quickly. In states that allowed mail-in ballots during the primary, dangers were exposed about voting through that...

Trump’s Right, Biden Did Call for Defunding Police

( - At no other time in recent memory has the media been so blatantly wrong as the last four years. On Sunday morning,...