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North Korea Shares Position on Nuclear Talk
Surprising news came down the pipeline this week, from one of America’s most public international enemies. North Korea is reporting, via officials in Seoul, that they may finally be ready to come to the negotiation table on nuclear weapons. The decision comes just days after Seoul's national security chief...
FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer
The F.B.I. raided the office of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, this week, in what Cohen, Trump and many others are calling “an attack on our country.” Authorities seized multiple documents, including fax, email, and telephone records, as well as other records for services rendered while they were...


Serial Bomber Strikes Again
A package bomber suspected of being responsible for six recent attacks in San Antonio, Texas, has blown himself up. The 24-year-old white male, Mark Anthony Conditt, purposefully triggered a bomb in his car as S.W.A.T. members closed in on him. FBI and S.W.A.T. team members managed to track Conditt...


China and Russia Try to Teach U.S. a Lesson
A no-nonsense president. The threat of a trade war. The removal of diplomats from multiple countries. It’s been a rough ride for diplomacy all over the world late, and the latest news to stem from that could seriously impact the United States in the near future. Key Facts • Some...

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NRA Secrets Revealed
Tragic shooting events that played out in 2018 are driving debate on how to approach safety in schools. Unfortunately, one of the primary arguments we’re seeing is the argument for more restrictions (or even a ban) on guns. Specifically, lobbyists and activists are coming after the National Rifle Association...


Ready to raise your daily vibe even more
We’re in a world that changes from day to day. The political climate is like no other, and the gap between the classes and political affiliations is only getting wider, and sometimes more bizarre. The chaos may be necessary for change to ensue, but it can also make it...