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1 Russian Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska Russia is actively probing our defenses for weakness. Two Russian bombers flew within radar range of Canadian and Alaskan aircraft detection zones this week. This type of interception is believed to be the fifth one this year. As this Twitter user points out, these types...
The moment when a politician slips up and doesn’t mince their words is when their true self is revealed. It’s inevitable, especially with presidential candidates hosted on countless interviews and giving even more speeches. Like clockwork, MSM jumps all over every juicy sound-byte to blow out of proportion for...


Hottest News Picks for August 1, 2019
1 SHOCKING: Chinese Military Practicing Against Protesters in Propaganda Video Hong Kong has been fighting for autonomy and independence from China for decades; protests are really nothing new. But a recent extradition bill giving the government significantly more influence over the tiny territory sparked renewed efforts to buck the system,...


THIS is More Dangerous Than Any Gun
Two of this month’s mass shootings have dominated the headlines and narratives of mainstream media all week. The Left claims there’s not enough gun control while the Right says there are not enough guns in the hands of citizens. So what's the truth? Are guns responsible for violence in America,...

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Saudi Arms Sale, Hot Weather and RNC Sending Flags to Dems
Saudi Arms Sale Blocked America needs allies in the unfortunate case of an Iranian conflict. So, Trump attempted to pass a bill that would aid in bolstering Saudi Arabia’s defenses. The House voted 238-190 to block weapon sales to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. Their “victory” is a largely symbolic one ---...