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Trump Not to Blame for Mass Shootings

( - Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, 160 Americans lost their lives to senseless gun violence in urban liberal cities across the...

COVID Caution Slows Recovery

( - As the economy opens across the nation, COVID-19 may have forever changed the way Americans think about taxes and work, and how...

Has Freedom of Speech Been Muzzled?

( - The year 2020 has been tumultuous, to say the least. First COVID-19 locked down the vast majority of the country and then...

4th of July: America Divided

America Divided During 4th of July ( - America couldn't be any more divided than it was on July 4, 1863. It was the day...


Making DC State #51? It’s Not That Easy

( - With racial tensions arguably being the highest they've ever been in the country, the Progressive Liberals who control the House have picked...

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Did SCOTUS Energize Conservatives for November?

( - On Monday, June 29, Chief Justice John Roberts struck again, denying the opportunity to pick away at Roe v. Wade in the...

Mail-In Voting Ripe for Fraud

( - Voting is one of the most sacred and vital actions an American can take to preserve and ensure that our country becomes...

Biden Disappoints in Pennsylvania

( - In what looked more like a Trump campaign rally than a Biden event, Lancaster, PA, was at the center of the 2020...