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Melania Gets Slammed
“The View”, one of America’s main daytime talk shows, isn’t really known for logic or even depth of intelligence. Truthfully, most episodes feel a bit like a bunch of hens clucking around rather than a debate or even a discussion. Which is exactly why it shouldn’t surprise you to...
Trump Slams Anonymous NY Times Op-Ed
President Donald Trump is speaking out against a terribly-written op-ed piece suggesting the POTUS is 'anti-democratic,' 'petty and ineffective’ that was published in the New York Times earlier in the week. The scalding editorial accuses the President of acting in a manner detrimental to the Republic and amoral behavior...


Fast Food Worker Refuses to Serve English Speaking Customers
Here in the United States, we speak American. Sure, we have citizens who speak other languages: Spanish, Chinese, German, you name it, it’s here. That’s great! Diversity is a fantastic thing – at least when it comes to legal, non-deplorable immigrants and new citizens who work hard to actually...


These Funds Are Waiting to Pad Bank Accounts
Christmas is right around the corner, but it isn't the only deadline that involves cash. There are plenty of opportunities Americans don't even know about, and at least one of them is about to expire. You're bound to qualify for one or more of these chances to put some...

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States Prepare for Overturn of Roe vs. Wade
Roe v. Wade: It’s easily the source of the most debate in America when it comes to women’s rights. But should women really have the right to murder their unborn children? Not everyone thinks so – and Trump is now making the possibility of rolling back the 1973 law...