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War on Christmas in New Jersey
The war on Christmas burns brighter each year – except for in New Jersey, where local homeowner Thomas Apruzzi is finding the holidays a bit darker than usual. Apruzzi is the man responsible for tirelessly created the town’s largest display of Christmas lights, something he’s done with joy every...
Dems Push Back Against Border Wall
President Trump is threatening to shut down the government if Democrats don’t move out of the way and allow the border wall to proceed unhindered. The Left has been making a concentrated effort to block the wall for months now, with efforts ramping up significantly over recent weeks. As...


Most Controversial Christmas Issues of 2018
Christmas 2018 isn’t even here yet, but there’s plenty of controversy in the news this week. From songs that allegedly push the Left’s idea of, “rape culture,” to the First Lady choosing red, berry-lined trees in the hallways of the White House, it seems like true Christmas spirit is...


China Deal Means Big Changes for Automotive Industry
President Trump is bringing a positive message to the American people with regard to trade relations between the two countries. Taking to Twitter, Trump shared that Beijing’s representatives had confirmed a plan to "reduce and remove" the extremely high, punitive tariffs against our automotive industry. At around 40 percent,...

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State Department Wants Ban on “Reproductive Health”
Internal memos obtained by news outlet Foreign Policy at the end of October reveal that the State Department may be pushing to change official reproductive health terms. The memos contain a proposal allegedly passed on to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, by conservative appointees; they’re asking the government...