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Zuckerberg Loses Over $15 Billion in One Day
Mark Zuckerberg, once the fifth wealthiest man in America, slipped more than a few notches this week. With all the issues the social media giant has dealt with lately, the worst was probably letting shareholders know that profits were going to drop after implementing new security measures. As a...
Former Navy Seal Puts Flag- Burning Protestors in Their Place
The American flag is sacred. Regardless of where you stand, on the left or right, it should be respected and treated just as you would treat any other sacred item, including the Bible or a judge’s gavel. That’s why we have rules about what you can and cannot do...


West Hollywood Votes to Remove Trump's Walk of Fame Star
This is America, isn’t it? Sometimes, it feels like our country is barely recognizable anymore. It used to be that your political beliefs were your political beliefs; if someone disagreed with you, you simply didn’t discuss it or you debated it like adults. That doesn’t seem to be the...


Tump Declares New Trade Deal with EU
The President has come through yet again with another savvy trade announcement with the potential to help the United States grow economically. This time, it isn’t Canada or Mexico, and he isn’t trying to shift business back home. Instead, he’s working out a compromise with the EU that benefits...

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These Guns Look Like Everyday Objects
The left often complains about states allowing concealed carry; they posit that it’s dangerous because guns get into the wrong hands. Most of us know the evidence paints a very different picture. But what about when it comes to guns that really don’t look like guns? Should the rules...


These Daily Aches and Pains Could Mean Clogged Arteries
More than 90 million citizens suffer from cardiovascular diseases each year in the United States. Around 360,000 people will die as a direct result of Coronary Heart Diseases and their complications in the same time frame. One of the most common forms of cardiovascular disease is Atherosclerosis, a condition...