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Courts to Hear Lawsuits Over Trump Emoluments

In the 243-year history of the United States, the emoluments clause in the US Constitution has never been thoroughly tested by the courts. Until now. Two...

Where Were the Democrats When Obama Ignored Congress?

In Wednesday’s impeachment hearing with four law professors, it became obvious that Democrats are, yet again, changing the narrative in search of an impeachable...

Did Adam Schiff Spy on Key Impeachment Players?

This week, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the committee’s impeachment report on President Trump. Buried in the report were call logs...

Trump Administration Considers Shorter Brand Name Drug Protections

The Trump administration is considering taking action to make some generic drugs available faster in the United States, potentially helping millions of people save...


Judge Gets Warning for Religious Beliefs

A judge in Texas has received a warning from the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct because she refuses to perform same-sex marriages. McLennan County Justice...


ICE Detainer Ignored: Released Criminal Tries to Kill Someone

Colorado enacted a new rule in May which makes it illegal for law enforcement officers to hold illegal immigrants in jail at the request...

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