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Ron DeSantis Increases Cancer Research Budget to $100 Million

Ron DeSantis Cancer Decision Takes Fans by Surprise (UnitedVoice.com) - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and his family had a scary experience recently. After a...

First War Crimes Trial in Ukraine Ends with Guilty Plea

War Crime Trial Verdict Confirmed - Trial Ends Quickly (UnitedVoice.com) - Earlier this month, Ukrainian Prosecutor Iryna Venediktova announced charges against 21-year-old Russian soldier, Vadim...

Democrat Politicizes Mass Shooting Using His 4-Year-Old Child

Swalwell Accused of Using Son as Political Pawn - Not Cool (UnitedVoice.com) - Whenever there’s a mass shooting in America, Democrats immediately seize the moment to...

Popular TV Presenter Fears Food Shortages May Lead To Cannibalism

TV Host Predicts Cannibalism - Tells What’s Next (UnitedVoice.com) - World leaders have grown concerned about the rising cost of food and possible shortages. Countries...

Former Head of FBI and CIA Warns About Phone Scams

Former FBI and CIA Boss Warning on Phone Scammers (UnitedVoice.com) - Phone scams are a popular way for criminals to target people and steal their...

Justice Thomas Worried Institutions Like Supreme Court May Go Away Soon

Justice Thomas Suggests An Era Is Over (UnitedVoice.com) - The Supreme Court has been in a state of upheaval since the first draft of an...

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War in Ukraine

US Intel Shows Why Putin’s Invasion Failed Almost Immediately

U.S. Intel DROPPED - It Exposes Putin! (UnitedVoice.com) - As we enter the third month of the war in Ukraine, many wonder how the Ukrainians...

Over 300 Officers Reportedly Killed Fighting for Russia’s Invasion

Russian Officers Killed - Over 300 Dead (UnitedVoice.com) - When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the war on Ukraine, he wasn’t just hurting the neighboring...

Vladimir Putin Reportedly Only Interested in Seizing Land, No More Negotiations

Putin Just Changed His Most Important Tactic (UnitedVoice.com) - The Russian war on Ukraine has passed the two-month mark and isn’t showing signs of ending...


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