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Investment Program Offers Up to 8:1 Match
Times are tougher than ever in our country. Despite all the good President Trump is doing to heal the economy and create opportunity, many of us still struggle to get by. If you can relate to this, you might be missing out on an important opportunity: investing in an...
Car Innovations for Dogs
A dog is man’s best friend, which is exactly why pet parents strive to spoil their pups rotten! If your dog comes with you everywhere you go – including in the car for drives or adventures into town – this post is for you.Today, we’re talking about some of...


Truth Behind Dems Bizarre Accusations
Back in the 1920s, former president Warren G. Harding was gifted a little Airedale terrier during his time in office. “Laddie Boy” became a faithful and tireless companion and the first official White House pet, setting off a trend that remained firmly in place for nearly a full century....


Trump Demands Work Programs for Welfare
The President has a tough job. Inspire and lead the people, all while trying to find new and genius ways to balance the budget and build the wall. While that might not be an easy task, no one can deny that Trump has done a better job of making...

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The House Just Passed a Major Gun Bill and Another Is on Its Way
This is the biggest change to gun laws in recent decades...and it isn’t looking good for people who believe in the Second Amendment.The House has officially passed new legislation extending the time frame for background checks on new gun owners. It also significantly expands who has to screen backgrounds...