About United Voice

UnitedVoice.com was created to promote independent thinking and to share common sense ideas, useful information and alternative perspectives on important issues. UnitedVoice editors also explore controversial ideas and investigate alternative views of mainstream news and popular topics. We promote American family values, freedom, independence, common-sense thinking and self-reliance. UnitedVoice helps equip its readers to make better decisions in uncertain times.

Our 10 Core Beliefs & Values

1. We the people must make our voices heard–as such, we must ensure that freedom of speech and a free press are never revoked.

2. Traditional family values are indispensable; they should not be ignored or swept aside for anti-family groups.

3. A strong military is essential to our freedom; however, such may never be used to deny its citizens rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

4. Disaster preparation is our civic duty; and being prepared for a natural or unnatural disaster is the only way to ease the burden on scarce resources.

5. Private gun ownership is a fundamental right; it’s every citizen’s responsibility to protect that right.

6. Citizens’ right to privacy should be fully protected; breaches thereof (even if committed by the government) must be heavily penalized.

7. We believe in a small, accountable and transparent government.

8. The U.S. Constitution must be protected at all cost; any underhanded attempts to circumvent, nullify or replace it must be opposed vigorously.

9. The national budget must be balanced; to that end, government spending should be limited–deficit spending must be prohibited.

10. Government officials should respect and be guided by the will of the people, not the will of large commercial entities, special interest groups or super-rich-families-run secret societies.