95-Year-Old Veteran Kicked Out of Home to Accommodate Migrants

95-Year-Old Veteran Kicked Out of Home to Accommodate Migrants

(UnitedVoice.com) – New York City’s struggle to house the flood of illegal immigrants is reaching desperation. Now, the city is clearing out assisted living homes — and evicting their elderly residents — and repurposing them as refugee shelters. American war veterans are being made homeless, and their homes given to people who entered this country illegally.

US military veteran Frank Tammaro is 95 years old, and for five years, he lived in Island Shores assisted living facility on Staten Island. As a young man, Frank served in Korea with the US Army, defending South Korea from communist invaders. In his sunset years, he was just happy to have a place to stay and the company of around 50 other residents, including seven more veterans. All of that changed last September, when the nonprofit that runs the facility, Homes for the Homeless, told him and the other residents they had to be out by March. It turns out the nonprofit had made a deal with NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) to rent the facility to the city. It’s now full of migrants.

In September, Frank’s congresswoman, Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY), took up the case and appeared with him at a press conference. She says when she found out last year that Homes for the Homeless planned to turn Island Shores into a migrant center, she tried to stop it and find a new owner who would keep the facility open, but Island Shores management refused to even talk to her.

Now, Tammaro is living with his daughter, Barbara Annunziata, who says she’s been trying to get him a healthcare aide but can’t get their health insurer to agree. She’s bitter about how her father, who served this country, is being treated. She recently told reporters, “These migrants … they’re getting everything and I can’t get nothing for him. It angers me.” Malliotakis isn’t any happier. She said, “people who put their life on the line… paid taxes their whole lives, who built their communities” are being ignored and abused, and she wants Homes for the Homeless investigated.

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