Actor Known For ‘The Office’ Has Passed Away

( – The original version of “The Office” was a wildly popular British television show. It was so good that it was remade for American television and became just as popular across the pond. Sadly, one of the original cast members has now died.

On February 19, British actor Ewen MacIntosh passed away in Darlington, England. He was just 50 years old at the time of his death. The Guardian reported his management company, Just Right Management, announced his death but gave no cause. The company just said that he was receiving treatment in a residential care home prior to his death and had been in “ill health” for the previous two years.

Chelle Just, from the management company, said MacIntosh “was a wonderful actor and an even better human being.” She said he was funny and had “a kind heart.” She also said that the actor’s family deeply appreciated the “outpouring of love for” him but asked for privacy while they mourn his death.

The actor was born in Wales on Christmas Day in 1973. He went to school at the University of Edinburgh. MacIntosh starred in multiple roles throughout his career, but his portrayal of Keith Bishop, a blunt accountant on “The Office,” is what shot him to fame. Just like the American spin-off, the show documented the lives of employees at a boring office job. The original series was created by comedians Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.

The late actor’s character was an accountant who didn’t have any interest in his job. MacIntosh played the part of an indifferent office worker brilliantly.

His character was often seen eating scotch eggs.

Gervais posted on X, formerly Twitter, about MacIntosh’s death, calling it “[e]xtremely sad news” and saying he was an “absolute original.”

MacIntosh is survived by his parents and brother. His family reportedly intends to hold a private ceremony in the coming months.

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