Al Sharpton Blasts Senator for Supporting Trump: “So Humiliating”

Al Sharpton Blasts Senator for Supporting Trump: "So Humiliating"

( – There are some Democrats who believe minorities should never support the Republican Party. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden said African-Americans who don’t vote for him aren’t really black. Rev. Al Sharpton is now taking aim at the only black Republican senator.

On January 24, Sharpton slammed Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) for his support of former President Donald Trump. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the longtime Democrat said the former POTUS would be the GOP nominee. He accused Trump of “demanding people bow to him.”

Sharpton called Scott’s praise of Trump “humiliating to watch” and said there haven’t been many times that he has felt more embarrassed. The reverend was referring to the senator joining Trump on stage at an event and endorsing him. Trump remarked that Scott “must really hate” Nikki Haley.

The senator told the former president, “I just love you!”

Sharpton said that one time, Scott “wasn’t even on the script; he interrupted Trump to pay homage.” The civil rights leader said he didn’t enjoy watching the senator do that. He said that people like him fought to make sure people like Scott “become high-elected in the south.” Sharpton said that although Scott had a right to endorse Trump, he did it in a “humiliating” way.

President Joe Biden is having trouble drumming up support from black men in this election. Polls have shown that he is badly hemorrhaging that demographic, as well as Hispanic voters. He’s having an especially hard time reaching young voters of color. Sharpton wants to try to turn the tide on that and bring black voters back into Biden’s fold. Apparently, he thinks the way to do that is by attacking other black men — and he wasn’t alone.

Jeff Sharlet posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, accusing Scott of “self-abasement” that was “hard to look at.”

Others on the social media platform accused Scott of losing self-respect.

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