Ambassador Attacked By Palestinian Mob

( – The West Bank isn’t technically part of the war on Hamas but has seen an uptick in violence in recent months. Most of it has been related to Israeli settlers who are accused of pushing Palestinian families out of their homes. Foreign diplomats were recently attacked there by a group of people.

On April 30, a group of European Union (EU) diplomats held a meeting at the Palestinian Museum in the West Bank, which celebrates Palestinian culture and history. Protesters demanded the officials leave the area. Some of them tried to speak with the protesters, but they refused to have a dialogue.

The diplomats, including Oliver Owcza, the German ambassador to Palestine, were at the meeting. Students at Birzeit University reportedly targeted him as he left and threw stones at his vehicle, which was damaged in the attack.

Reuters reported that Amr Kayed, a student at the university, said the protesters wanted to send a clear message that “anyone who is complicit in genocide and the offensive on Gaza” wasn’t welcome there.

Owcza said that he regrets that the protesters interrupted the meeting. However, he explained that he was still committed to working with the Palestinian people.

The protesters were angry about Germany’s support of Israel in the wake of the war in Gaza. The country has long been a supporter of the Jewish state. In 2023, Germany sent nearly $350 million worth of weapons to the Israelis. Before the students attacked the group of diplomats, they posted messages on social media calling for others to protest them.

The demonstration in the West Bank is one of many violent, pro-Palestinian protests that have broken out around the world in recent weeks. Many of them have taken place at American universities, leading to the suspension and expulsion of students. In some cases, hundreds of people have been arrested and charged with criminal violations for their behavior.

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