Another Faction Declares War on Israel

( – Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and started a bloody war. Hezbollah, a terrorist group based in Lebanon, then began attacking Israel as well. Now, another group has reportedly declared war on the Jewish state.

On Monday, October 30, the Yemeni Shiite jihadist terror organization (Houthis) reportedly launched cruise and ballistic missiles into Israel. Breitbart reported that an Iranian news outlet, Mehr News, claimed that a spokesperson for the Houthis said the rebels were formally “declar[ing] war” on Israel.

Social media rumors quickly spread that Yemen had declared war on Israel. However, although Houthi rebels control the capital of the country, they are not the official government of Yemen. That government has not declared war on the Jewish state. Israel’s Iron Dome and fighter jets were able to intercept the missiles launched by the rebels. The group launched more on Wednesday, but those were intercepted as well.

A similar conflict is playing out in Lebanon. The Lebanese government has not declared war on Israel, but Hezbollah is launching attacks deeper into the country. In turn, the Israeli government is retaliating by striking deeper into Lebanon. There’s reportedly a fear among residents of Lebanon that the conflict between the terrorist group and the Israeli army is going to spin out of control. Although many of the residents sympathize with what’s happening in Gaza, where innocent civilians are being caught in the crossfire, they don’t want to see it happen to their country.

Elie Khoury, 30, told Al Jazeera that he doesn’t want an “all-out war” to begin because he doesn’t believe it will ever stop. He explained his country “won’t be able to handle it” economically, and they “don’t even have enough medications” as it is.

A larger regional conflict is exactly what the Western world is hoping to avoid in the Middle East. There are concerns that the Israel-Hamas war could start World War III.

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