Another Scandal Rocks Disgraced Congressman

Another Scandal Rocks Disgraced Congressman

( – The people of New York’s Third Congressional District elected George Santos (R) to serve them in 2022. Shortly after the election, they learned they were bamboozled, and many of the statements he made during the campaign were lies. For instance, Santos said he was Jewish, but when reporters broke the news that he was actually Catholic, he responded by saying he meant he was “Jew-ish.” The congressman also said his mother survived the Twin Tower attacks, but then it was revealed that she was not even in the US at the time. Now, Santos has been rocked with another scandal.

On October 5, the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of NY announced Santos’ former campaign treasurer, Nancy Marks, pleaded guilty to multiple charges. The 58-year-old admitted that she made reports of fake donations. She alleged that a $500,000 loan Santos said he gave to the campaign was fraudulent. “I knew that the loan had not been made,” she said.

Marks pleaded guilty to committing aggravated identity theft, making materially false statements, committing wire fraud, and obstructing the administration of the FEC.

The New York Times reported that the former treasurer told the court that she agreed to fraudulently inflate Santos’ fundraising numbers in order to hit a $250,000 goal that would allow them to qualify for a Republican Party committee to receive financial and logistical support.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge James Smith said, “Marks engaged in criminal conduct intended to deceive and defraud the American public.” He went on to say the federal agency will continue to prosecute crimes and “ensure openness, fairness, and transparency” in the election system.

Santos has also been charged with multiple federal felonies for allegedly lying to Congress, theft of public funds, and money laundering. The charges have left some wondering why he’s still in office, especially after many members of his own party have asked him to step down. Santos maintains his claims of innocence.

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