AOC Humiliates Herself During Tense Hearing

( – Radical congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC) tried to defend the Biden family in a congressional hearing — but just ended up revealing her own ignorance. She was arguing that President Biden isn’t being investigated for any specific crime. A former associate of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, had to educate her on the law.

On March 20, Tony Bobulinski appeared at an impeachment hearing in the House. Bobulinski is Hunter’s former business partner and alleges that when Biden was vice president, he was “a willing and eager participant” in a lucrative deal with a Chinese company. The US Navy veteran claims the Biden family “aggressively leveraged” their name to bring in millions of dollars.

At the hearing, AOC aggressively interrogated Bobulinski over his experience with the Bidens. She challenged him over whether he was saying he’d personally seen the then-vice president commit a crime; Bobulinski replied by asking how long he had to go through the list, then cited a number of alleged crimes he’d seen. Then he apparently confused the motormouth congresswoman by accusing Biden of committing a RICO violation.

At this point, AOC asked, “What is the crime, sir, specifically?” Bobulinski replied, “I answered the question. RICO,” referring to the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, part of the 1970 Organized Crime Control Act. AOC fired back, “RICO is not a crime. It is a category.” Bobulinski then put her straight, explaining that RICO is indeed a category — “It’s a category of crimes.”

A visibly annoyed AOC then ranted at Bobulinski, demanding to “reclaim” her microphone time and complaining that Republicans have spent 15 months trying to impeach Biden over his family’s alleged criminal business dealings. Meanwhile, Conservatives quickly ridiculed her on social media, with Representative Wesley Hunt (R-TX) saying, “Well… empty the jails” — then pointing out that the Georgia prosecution of former president Donald Trump comes under the RICO statute. Is AOC admitting Trump committed no crimes? Perhaps she didn’t think that far ahead.

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