Arrest Warrant Issued for American Lawmaker

( – Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D) has served in the legislature since 2011. The lawmaker, who has a degree from Harvard, has supported all of the typical Democratic issues throughout his time in office, such as gun control, gay rights, and so on. Police are now accusing him of committing a crime.

According to media reports, the Philadelphia Police Department issued an arrest warrant for the Democratic lawmaker. Law enforcement accused him of violating a restraining order but refused to discuss the details of the case.

The arrest warrant is the second time the lawmaker has been accused of violating an order of protection. Back in 2021, police officers arrested Boyle for violating a protection from abuse order and harassment after he allegedly went to his wife’s house and bothered her. Those charges were later dropped after Boyle checked into a mental health facility.

Boyle is the brother of US Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA), who serves as the ranking member of the House Budget Committee. His office issued a statement from the congressman after the police announced the arrest warrant. He described his brother’s “mental illness” as a “nightmare” for their loved ones. However, they are all doing their best to try to help him turn a corner and get well like they would for any member of their family who was ill.

US Rep. Boyle said that his brother started to show signs of a “very serious” mental illness in 2021. After the stint in the mental health facility, he appeared to have made a full recovery. Unfortunately, the symptoms have returned, and “his mental health has even further deteriorated.” The federal lawmaker said that it’s been very “painful” for the family to watch someone who has such a big heart and has accomplished so many things, decline the way he has.

Rep. Boyle said that his family and colleagues have all tried to convince the Pennsylvania lawmaker to check into a facility for treatment, but he has refused. Now, Rep. Boyle said that their number one priority is to get him the help he needs.

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