Arrests Made After Politician Gunned Down in Brazen Assassination Attempt

Arrests Made After Politician Gunned Down in Brazen Assassination Attempt

( – Alejo Vidal-Quadras is the former president of Spain’s Popular Party (PP) in Catalonia. He’s one of the founding members of Vox, the country’s far-right party that is one of the largest forces in the lower house of parliament. He’s also the victim of a recent attempted assassination, and police have arrested suspects in the case.

On November 9, Vidal-Quadras was returning home from church when he was shot in the face in Madrid, Spain. There were two shooters on a motorbike. The bullet hit him in the jaw, causing a double fracture. Fortunately, it didn’t cause more serious injuries to the 78-year-old.

Two weeks after the shooting, Spanish authorities arrested three people. According to reports, two of the suspects are Spanish men and the other is a British woman. Authorities don’t believe any of the suspects who were arrested fired the shot that hit the politician.

An anti-terrorism court has taken over the investigation. There are concerns that foreign powers, specifically Iran, might have had something to do with the assassination attempt.

The Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an Iranian opposition group based in Paris, France, reportedly said Vidal-Quadras was an ally and blamed Tehran. In 2022, the victim was included on a list of Iranian sanctions that were released in retaliation for European Union sanctions. The move came after Masha Amini died in the custody of Iranian authorities who allegedly arrested her because she wasn’t wearing a headscarf.

The Iranian government banned Vidal-Quadras from entering the country and ordered the seizure of any property he owned in Iran. The sanctions were similar to those levied against other diplomats. Iran’s Foreign Ministry accused the targets of the sanctions of “supporting terrorism and terrorist groups.”

At the time of the shooting, Vidal-Quadras was not active in politics for several years. However, he was an active columnist and commentator.

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