Bank of America Accused of Religious Discrimination

( – Bank of America (BofA) has been under fire from Conservatives since a whistleblower alleged the financial institution helped the FBI with its investigation against the January 6 rioters. Kansas is now alleging the bank also discriminated against Christians. GOP lawmakers want answers.

On April 15, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach (R) sent a letter to BofA CEO Brian Moynihan. The AG stated that he understood the importance of financial institutions like the bank and their functions in society. He pointed out that it’s hard for Americans to function without a bank account and that’s why the government has passed so many laws prohibiting discrimination. He also said it’s why banks have received bailouts from the American taxpayers when they get into trouble.

Kobach then accused BofA of abusing its power and conditioning customer access on whether they have the same religious and political views as bank officials. The AG said the bank’s alleged “discriminatory behavior is a serious threat to free speech and religious freedom.” Further, the Republican prosecutor claimed that it might even be illegal and result in “political and regulatory backlash.”

The AG laid out the allegations against the financial giant, claiming it has “consistently discriminated against groups for political or religious reasons.” He expanded on the allegation, saying BofA has refused to allow gun manufacturers, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contractors, and others to access its services. Kobach also complained about the bank helping the FBI gather evidence against domestic terrorists.

Kobach accused the institution of canceling the accounts of people and groups based on their religious beliefs. He demanded it provide the state with its cancellation policies and practices, specifically those relating to “risk tolerance,” “hate,” and similar policies. He then ordered the bank to update its services to state it doesn’t discriminate based on political or religious beliefs, to support shareholder proposals that seek to protect political and religious diversity, and to participate in the Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index, which was developed and launched by a conservative group.

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