Biden Administration Admits to Border Catastrophe

( – Migrants frequently die while trying to cross the US-Mexico border. As more people enter the country, they have taken more dangerous routes to try and escape undetected. President Joe Biden’s administration admitted that 2022 was an exceptionally deadly year.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently released a report documenting the number of migrant deaths on the southwest border in 2022. According to the data, at least 895 people died. The CBP report breaks the deaths down into categories. Of those who died, 17 were children aged newborn to 17.

Men died at a much higher rate than women. There were 563 men killed along the border and 151 women. Officials couldn’t identify the sexes of 181 of the victims. CBP discovered most (635) of the dead migrants, while other people found 260 of them.

The report broke the deaths down by causes:

  • Environmental exposure to hot and cold weather — 402
  • Motor vehicle accidents — 45
  • Train accidents — 3
  • Water-related — 172
  • Skeletal remains — 131
  • Undetermined — 43
  • Other (including homicide, suicide, animal-related) — 99

The number of deaths greatly exceeded those killed in 2021. That year, 568 migrants lost their lives trying to make it into the country and get a piece of the American dream.

Last year, Fernando García, the Border Network for Human Rights executive director, told a reporter that migrants and their “families are using more distant and dangerous routes to come to” America. He went on to say they were “dying in rivers, canals, deserts, mountains,” and in tractor-trailers.

According to experts, as enforcement has increased on the border and more migrants have tried to get to the US, deaths have also increased. Conservatives blame the president for the stark rise because of his poor immigration policies. The problem at the border is so dire, that Texas and Arizona have placed their own barriers along the frontier. Millions of migrants have unlawfully entered the country since Biden took office — and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

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