Biden Administration’s Plan Rejected by Israeli Prime Minister

Biden Administration's Plan Rejected by Israeli Prime Minister

( – The Israeli war against Hamas has passed the 100-day mark. President Joe Biden recently claimed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t reject a two-state solution for Palestine. But the PM disputed those remarks.

On January 19, Biden and Netanyahu spoke to one another on the phone. The US president had previously said a two-state solution — where Palestine exists independently of Israel — was impossible while Netanyahu is prime minister. This is a solution that the US has long held is the only way to end the decades-long conflict between the two sides. Most European leaders also support the idea, but Netanyahu has repeatedly rejected the idea.

However, after a meeting with US mayors, reporters asked the president about the issue again. The journalist wanted to know if a two-state solution remains impossible with Netanyahu in office.

Biden responded and said it wasn’t impossible. The day before, Netanyahu held a press conference and once again said a two-state solution was not going to happen. The reporter asked the president about it and whether the US was going to reconsider the conditions attached to US aid for Israel.

The president said he believed the US and Israel could “work something out.” Biden floated the idea of creating a two-state solution that included a disarmed Palestine. He pointed out that other countries belong to the United Nations that don’t have militaries.

On January 20, the Israeli prime minister took to social media to say he wouldn’t compromise his country’s security and that it’s “irreconcilable with a Palestinian state.” The next day, Netanyahu issued a statement to the press and rejected the idea of any two-state solution. The prime minister said that a Palestinian state would be an “existential danger to Israel.” He vowed to continue standing against the solution for as long as he remains the prime minister.

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