Biden Cracks Joke After Someone Falls During His Speech

Biden Cracks Joke After Someone Falls During His Speech

( – President Joe Biden isn’t known for being the most graceful person in the world. The press has captured him falling off his bike, tripping as he walked up the stairs to board Air Force One, and making other mistakes. When a person fell during a speech he was giving recently, the president cracked a joke.

On November 9, President Biden visited Belvidere, Illinois, to celebrate the end of the United Auto Workers (UAW) strikes. During the celebratory speech, a crashing sound interrupted the president. He turned his head toward the sound and asked someone if they were okay. The commander-in-chief then joked that he wanted “the press to know that wasn’t” him falling.

According to reports, the crashing sound occurred when someone tripped on a riser at the speech.

As mentioned, the president has taken several spills since taking office. Just a few months ago, in June, Biden fell while on stage at an Air Force Academy celebration. The White House blamed a sandbag or the reason the POTUS tripped. Last year, he fell off his bike at his beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. In both instances, he wasn’t physically injured, but they remind Americans of the one thing he wants them to forget: his age.

Biden’s repeated falls have left people wondering whether he’s physically able to serve a second term as president.

A poll by The Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 77% of Americans think the 80-year-old commander-in-chief is too old to run again. That includes 89% of Republicans, 74% of Independents, and 69% of Democrats. The debate over whether Biden is too old is nothing new. The president has faced questions about his mental fitness since taking office. In just under a year, voters will head to the polls to decide once and for all whether they think he should lead the country again.

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