Biden Gaffe Delights Opposition Who Agree Wholeheartedly With Him

( – President Joe Biden has spent more than half a century in politics. He’s operated as a human gaffe machine for much of that time. That has not stopped during his presidency. Recently, Conservatives mocked him for two funny mistakes.

On April 23, Biden was in Tampa, Florida, for a campaign rally. During his speech, the president brought up former President Donald Trump’s actions and how they ultimately resulted in Roe v. Wade being reversed and the elimination of federal abortion protections.

Biden said he doesn’t know why Trump manages to surprise Democrats. “How many times does he have to prove we can’t be trusted?”

Instead of insulting Trump by asking the crowd how many times “he” couldn’t be trusted, Biden said “we,” as in himself and Democrats. The gaffe completely changed the meaning of the sentence. Audience members laughed at the mistake, and Republicans seized on it, taking the moment to spread it across social media and mock Biden.

Conservative Charlie Kirk said the president was finally being honest while speaking about Trump.

Tim Young asked how many times Trump should have to prove that nobody should trust Biden.

Former Trump official Sebastian Gorka called it a “good question.”

The day after the Tampa rally, Biden spoke at the North America’s Building Trades Unions conference in Washington, DC. During that event, the president was reading his speech off of a teleprompter when he said, “Pause.”

The “pause” was not part of the president’s speech but was intended to indicate when Biden should pause for a response from the crowd. Steve Cortes, a former spokesperson for Trump, said the “blunders would be funny if [Biden] weren’t president.” He pointed out that multiple parentheses are on the screen when Biden is reading, telling him not to read certain parts. But he plowed forward anyway.

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