Biden Ready to Debate Trump Sooner Than Expected

( – Former President Donald Trump didn’t attend any of the GOP primary debates. That left some wondering whether he would debate President Joe Biden in the general. Then there were questions about whether the Democrat would participate. The incumbent POTUS answered that question when he challenged Trump to two debates. They’ve now agreed on dates, and one will happen sooner than expected.

On May 15, Biden proposed two debates with Trump. The president’s campaign proposed a date for the first one to take place in June after Biden returns from a Group of Seven (G7) summit. They said the second one should happen in September, right before early voting starts.

Biden released a video claiming Trump lost debates to him twice in 2020.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, Biden’s campaign chair, wrote a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates arguing the American people want to see a “debate on the issues — not a tedious debate about debates.” The campaign intends to work directly with news organizations to set up the events, rather than allowing the Commission on Presidential Debates to do it. She explained that it was intended to “avoid any notion of bias.”

CNN will host the first event on June 27, and ABC will host the second on September 10.

Trump’s campaign accepted the terms of Biden’s proposal. Then, the former president took to Truth Social and said he was “Ready and Willing to Debate Crooked Joe” and he wanted two large venues, but thinks Biden is “afraid of crowds.”

In her letter to the commission, Dillion argued the debates should be conducted to benefit American voters who are viewing it on their televisions at home. She said it should not be “entertainment for an in-person audience … or disruptive partisans and donors” who are loud.

CNN announced it will not have a live audience at its debate in June.

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