Biden Reveals First of Its Kind Executive Order

Biden Reveals First of Its Kind Executive Order

( – The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a concern among Americans across the board. In classrooms, teachers are worried that students might be using AI to cheat on tests and term papers. In the workforce, there’s a concern that AI could take away good-paying jobs from middle-class Americans. In Hollywood, writers and actors went on strike, in part, because of concerns about the technological advances being made.

Now, President Joe Biden has issued the first executive order in US history concerning AI. And he’s getting support from a powerful voice in the liberal stratosphere.

Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

On October 30, Biden issued an executive order that his administration hopes will “seiz[e] the promise and manag[e] the risks of” AI. The order establishes new rules for security and safety to protect the privacy of the American people, advance the US’ leadership across the globe, promote innovation and competition, advance civil rights and equity, and stand up for workers and consumers.

According to the White House Fact Sheet, the executive order does the following:

  • Requires developers to share critical information and other safety tests with the government in accordance with the Defense Production Act;
  • Orders the National Institute of Standards and Technology to develop tools, tests, and standards to ensure AI systems are secure, safe, and trustworthy;
  • Protects against the dangers of bad actors using AI to engineer dangerous biological materials;
  • Prevents Americans from falling victim to AI-enabled deception and fraud by creating standards for detecting AI-generated content;
  • Orders the White House chief of staff and National Security Council to develop a National Security Memorandum that ensures the intelligence and military communities use AI technology ethically, safely, and effectively when they are deployed on missions, and;
  • Establishes a cybersecurity program to develop tools to fix weaknesses in critical software to make networks more secure.

Responses to EO

Daniel Castro, the vice president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, which is supported by Amazon and other tech giants, spoke with POLITICO and said, “There’s a huge gap between goals and reality throughout the EO.” He pointed out that lawmakers are forgetting that there’s a reason why the “industry hasn’t already adopted certain solutions is because the solution doesn’t yet exist.” He went on to say the government still needs to fill in a lot of other details.

Former President Barack Obama issued a statement about the EO, praising Biden for his action. He said the president’s policies are “designed to encourage innovation while avoiding some of the biggest risks” AI technology presents. He also said he believes Congress should follow Biden’s lead and pass lasting legislation.

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