Biden Struck With Another Investigation

Biden Struck With Another Investigation

( – The mainstream media is focusing a lot of attention on former president Donald Trump’s legal troubles, but the man who replaced him in the White House has some problems of his own. A federal judge has just added to them. Thanks to a Texas district court, the Biden Administration will be forced to hand over documents about money it’s given to Palestinian groups — some of which might have funded terrorism.

In December 2022, Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX) and the America First Legal Foundation (AFL) filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration. They were challenging Biden’s decision to restart US aid payments to the Palestinian Authority, which had been stopped under Trump because Palestine was using aid money to support imprisoned terrorists and pay stipends to the families of suicide bombers. Biden wanted to send around $1.2 billion to the Palestinians, both directly and through the UN. Jackson and AFL wanted to know what guarantees he had that it wouldn’t fund attacks on Israel.

That question now has a lot more urgency behind it, because on October 7, Palestinian terrorists murdered at least 1,200 Israelis and abducted 150 more. Did Hamas use US aid money to bankroll the atrocity? We could soon know the answer.

On October 10, Judge Matthew J Kacsmaryk of the US District Court for Northern Texas reached his judgment on the lawsuit, and ruled in favor of Jackson and AFL. He ordered the administration to hand over any documents relating to risk assessments on money sent to the Palestinians, specifically whether the administration could be sure it would be spent on humanitarian aid rather than financing terrorism.

In August, State Department documents from 2021 were leaked to the Washington Free Beacon, revealing that officials believed the money could be misused by Hamas — but Biden went ahead with the payments anyway. Hopefully, Judge Kacsmaryk’s ruling will throw more light on this decision.

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