Biden Takes Heat Over Absurdly Bizarre Story

( – For his entire political career, Joe Biden has been known for his bizarre verbal gaffes. It used to be funny, until he became president. Now it’s worrying — and it’s getting worse. Biden has just come out with his craziest story yet.

On April 17, Biden gave a speech to steelworkers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as part of his latest campaign tour. He claimed that “When D-Day occurred, the next day, on Monday,” his mother’s four brothers all enlisted in the US military. Biden continued, saying that his uncle Ambrose “Bozey” Finnegan joined the US Army Air Corps, “which was in place before the Air Force came along,” and was shot down over New Guinea in his single-engine reconnaissance aircraft. He added that Finnegan’s body was never found because “there were a lot of cannibals, for real, in that part of New Guinea,” but “the government went back… and found some parts of the plane.”

There are, to say the least, some holes in this story. Some are minor and can be written off as a declining old man’s fading memory. For example, the day after D-Day, June 6, 1944, was a Wednesday, and the USAAC became the USAAF on June 20, 1941. The central claim of Biden’s story is a much bigger problem, though, because the US military has its own version of what happened to Ambrose Finnegan — and it bears no resemblance to what Biden claimed.

According to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, the reason Finnegan’s body was never found is that the twin-engine A-20 courier plane he was a passenger on crashed in the Pacific Ocean after both engines failed at low level. One crew member escaped and was rescued by a passing ship; the other two, and Finnegan, went down with the wreck. Finnegan was not flying a reconnaissance mission. He wasn’t shot down and his body wasn’t eaten by cannibals.

Since telling the weird story, Biden has been hammered on social media. Republican commentator Zach Parkinson said, “Unsurprisingly, Biden has made up most of this war story.” Substack writer Jim Treacher said it was like talking to an old person and realizing the story he’s telling is “the plot of a movie he once saw,” while humorist X account Catturd simply said, “Mush brain strikes again.”

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