Bill Maher Turns on Dems, Claims They Are Hypocrites

( – Bill Maher might be a Democrat, but he has no problem with calling out members of his party when he thinks they are wrong. The longtime host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” regularly points out when they are being inconsistent or promoting cancel culture. Recently, he turned his attention to the immigration crisis and had a lot to say about the party’s “hypocrisy.”

Sanctuary Cities

On the April 14 episode of Maher’s podcast, “Club Random,” he spoke to former NBC anchor Katie Couric. The former “TODAY Show” host said she thought many blue-collar workers voted for former President Donald Trump because of anti-elitism and class resentment. Maher agreed with her but also said he believed the Democratic response to the border crisis is also driving support for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Maher used the “sanctuary city hypocrisy” as an example. He said Democratic cities often preach about what good people they are “until they send the immigrants, actually, to their cities.” When that happened, he accused Democrats, like New York City Mayor Eric Adams, of speaking about the issue like Republicans. “You would think it was Trump talking,” Maher said.

The Media

Couric and Maher turned their attention to the media. The HBO host said he doesn’t trust any media outlets anymore because they’re all biased. He explained that back in the day, he trusted The New York Times and CNN to be “more neutral,” but that has changed, and he feels both have an “activist” bent.

Couric, who worked in the media for decades, didn’t fully agree. She questioned whether the press had ever really been “objective.” Both agreed that Trump’s rise to power meant the media had to be more aggressive with their fact-checking. The HBO host said that the constant negative media attention surrounding the former president was boring and that the press should make more of an effort to connect with the people supporting him.

Maher’s Previous Criticisms

In recent months, Maher has slammed President Joe Biden for his decision to run for reelection. The 81-year-old commander-in-chief will be 82 if he’s sworn in for a second term. The majority of Americans, including Democrats, have repeatedly said he is too old. While Biden has dismissed the criticism, trying to focus people’s attention on his experience and by pointing out Trump is only a few years younger, Maher has repeatedly said the president should have dropped out.

According to Maher, Biden is doing the same thing the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did. She was notorious for her refusal to retire under former President Barack Obama and later died while Trump was in office, allowing him to create a staunchly conservative court. The HBO host believes Biden will go down in history as “the person who doesn’t know when to quit and so does great damage to their party and their country.”

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