Boo-Hoo: Liberal Comedian Resorts to Begging For Ticket Sales

Boo-Hoo: Liberal Comedian Resorts to Begging For Ticket Sales

( – Kathy Griffin ruined her comedic career when she posted a photo of herself on social media holding a fake, bloody head that looked like then-President Donald Trump. In the months that followed, she blamed Conservatives for ruining her life. Now, she’s reportedly begging people to buy tickets to her shows.

Griffin will hit the road on February 2 to tour the country for her show “My Life on the PTSD-List.” Her tour kicks off in Des Moines, Iowa, and then goes to Omaha, Nebraska. She is also supposed to have shows in Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Canada, and California.

The comedian recently posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, and told her fans about the problems in her life. Griffin announced late last year that she was cancer-free after beating lung cancer. However, the treatments severely damaged her voice. In the video posted online, she said that she had to have more surgeries to repair her voice. She told her supporters that she also came down with a virus and was “heartbroken” because she was getting a divorce.

Griffin also admitted her tour was not selling well. She said she just needed to get to opening night but complained that Omaha also wasn’t selling well. The comedian said she needs “comedy fans to come out and see” her. She declared, “I need sell-outs” and that she has “been through hell.” She went on about her issues and then said, “For God’s sake, come see me on tour […] It’s gonna be the thing that gets me through.”

Griffin posted the photo of herself holding Trump’s fake head in 2017. She was essentially blacklisted after the incident. The Secret Service even investigated her for two months. Griffin also claimed later she was put on a no-fly list, and even Liberals turned their backs on her.

It appears her career has still not recovered, given the fact that she is begging people to see her.

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