Brutal Details Leak of China’s Atrocities

( – The US and others allege the Chinese government has been carrying out genocide on the Uyghur minorities in the country. Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s administrations agreed with the assessment. Now, details are being released about the treatment of others in Chinese custody.

On February 14, China announced it planned to build a massive hydropower dam across Tibet’s Drichu River. The Chinese Communist Party annexed Tibet in the 1950s, putting it under their control. The river in question runs through multiple provinces in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Ten days after the announcement about the dam, news broke that the Chinese government arrested more than 1,000 Tibetans who were protesting the project. The people arrested included monks. Tibetans allege the dam will destroy six monasteries and displace the residents in two villages. The Chinese government is unconcerned and worked to silence protesters.

According to a new report by watchdog Bitter Winter, the Tibetans who would be relocated would not be sent to a nice village. They were told they would have to go to unfinished apartments and placed in camps under strict surveillance. They argue they have committed no crime and do not deserve that treatment.

Breitbart reported the protesters who are being arrested have been hit with tasers, water cannons, and pepper spray. Videos have reportedly captured them being beaten by Chinese police.

The Chinese government has reportedly told Tibetans they were going to be rounded up and put into camps. The news was reminiscent of what the Communists did to the Uyghurs. Those who are going to be detained were told they need to bring their own food and bedding. They were instructed to prepare for extended stays in the prison camps. Reports indicated authorities beat people who asked questions, and some of them were hospitalized. One was beaten so severely, that they struggled to speak when asked about what happened.

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