Chronicle of Lies: RNC Slams Biden Over Border Fibs in New Video

( – The primary might not be over, but the presidential campaign is in full swing. Both parties are looking past Super Tuesday and focusing on the November election. The GOP recently released a video that they say hits President Joe Biden over alleged lies.

Usually, when a party releases a campaign video, it’s just a 30-second spot that can air during commercial breaks. Sometimes, the videos are a minute or so and get shared on social media. The latest video from the GOP is a whopping four minutes long and is titled “The Evolution of Biden’s Border Lies.”

The video shows Biden and other top-ranking administration officials discussing the problem on the border in 2021, 2022, and 2023. It starts with a clip of the president speaking at a press conference in March 2021, just months after his inauguration, and telling everyone that the surge at the border “happens every single solitary year.” In another clip, recorded the next month, he is seen saying his administration has the crisis under control.

As the video goes on, it becomes apparent that the crisis is not under control. It ends with the president saying the border is out of control.

The Republican Party released the video days before President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump went down to the border on February 29. The border crisis has become a talking point for both parties. The president claims Congress has to give him the power to close the border and blames Republicans for killing the bipartisan border control bill. However, Conservatives have argued he never asked his own party to give him the power when they had control of the House, Senate, and White House.

Trump has also discussed the border bill. He told Republicans to vote against it and bragged about killing it.

While the partisans spar over the politics of the issue, the people on the frontlines are dealing with a seemingly neverending surge.

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