Confused Again: Biden Mixes Up World Leaders in Worrisome Mistake

( – President Biden is old. It’s a fact. The 81-year-old POTUS has repeatedly joked about how old he is. The American people have expressed concern about it as well. Recently, he made a mistake at an event in Nevada that once again highlighted the issue.

On February 4, Biden attended an event in Las Vegas where he discussed a Group of 7 (G7) meeting he was at in the months after he was elected in 2020. He explained that one of the things he said to the other world leaders was, “America is back.”

Biden then said, “Mitterrand from Germany, I mean from France, looked at” him and asked the president how long he would be back for.

The problem with that is the French president is Emmanuel Macron, and has been since 2017. François Mitterrand, on the other hand, was president from 1981 to 1995. He was the longest officer holder for the executive office in the country. He’s also been dead for almost 30 years.

When the White House posted the president’s remarks on the website, they crossed out “Mitterrand” and replaced it with “Macron.” People responded to the mistake made by the president on X, formerly Twitter. Outkick’s Clay Travis said the POTUS was “not well.”

Others posted similar remarks about the president and suggested he might not have the mental capabilities to serve the country again.

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the mix-up and whether he was okay. The press secretary said she wasn’t “going to go down that rabbit hole” with him and moved on.

Pollsters with Hart Research Associates teamed up with NBC News recently asked 1,000 voters who they thought was more equipped to handle the president’s job both physically and mentally. The poll found only 23% chose Biden over former President Donald Trump. That’s going to be a tough issue for the president to overcome.

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