Conservative Congress Members Swatted for Christmas

Conservative Congressmembers Swatted for Christmas

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is one of the most high-profile lawmakers in the House of Representatives. Even though she is only serving her second term in Congress, she’s become a target on the Left and the Right. What’s more terrifying is that criminals have repeatedly put her life in danger with swatting calls, and she isn’t the only one.

Greene Target AGAIN

On December 25, Christmas Day, Greene was at home celebrating the holiday with her family when she was swatted. The congresswoman posted about the incident on X, formerly Twitter, saying the incident was “like the 8th” one, and that her family was there. She said the police officers in her town “are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with” those calls.

Major Rodney Bailey, with the Rome, Georgia, police department, told NBC News that an individual in Rome, New York, called the suicide hotline and said he shot his girlfriend at the congresswoman’s address. The police department called her security liaison and informed them of the call. The security team assured the police that nobody needed to respond to the house.

Greene has been targeted multiple times since taking office.

New York Congressman Swatted

Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) was also swatted on Christmas Day. According to reports, Cayuga County sheriff’s deputies and New York State troopers responded to the congressman’s house in Sennett, New York, around 2 p.m.

Someone called the 911 call center and reported a shooting at the lawmaker’s house. Officers were able to quickly determine the call was a prank. Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck spoke to The Citizen and called it “unfortunate” that someone would call in a “false report on Christmas Day and cause Congressman Williams and his family such an inconvenience on this important holiday.”

What Is Swatting?

A swatting call involves someone calling the police to inform them of a violent incident in the hopes that the SWAT team will respond. These types of calls have led to multiple deaths across the country, including that of 28-year-old Andrew Finch in Wichita, Kansas, in 2017. The person who made the call that led to Finch’s death was sentenced to two decades in prison. The victim’s family was awarded $5 million from the Wichita Police Department.

In 2020, Mark Herring, 60, died from a massive heart attack after he was swatted by a teenager who wanted him to hand over his Twitter handle. The teen was sentenced to five years in prison for making the call to the police.

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