Deadly Attack on Civilian Target in Russian City

( – February 24 marks the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are currently no peace talks taking place between the two nations. As the war rages, civilians in both countries are at considerable risk — a missile strike in Russia proved that.

On February 15, a missile struck Belgorod, Russia, located near the border with Ukraine. Six people died in the blast, including a child. At least 18 others suffered injuries; Authorities stated five of the injured civilians were kids. A school stadium and shopping center were hit in the strike.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that its air defense system was able to take down 14 missiles over Belgorod. They stated the missiles appeared to have been launched by an RM-70 Vampire multiple-launch rocket system, The Associated Press reported. However, other reports indicated that Russian citizens claimed they heard a sound that they hadn’t heard before. Rumors spread across social media that a new type of weapon might have been used in the attack, but there is no evidence that was the case.

According to reports, the strike took place just hours after the Russian military launched its own attack on Ukraine. The military reportedly fired approximately two dozen missiles into Ukraine, striking multiple areas in the war-torn nation and killing five people in an apartment building.

In addition to the recent strike in Belgorod, Ukraine claimed earlier in the week that it sank a Russian ship in the Black Sea. The Caeser Kunikov amphibious ship was destroyed about 2.5 miles offshore of the Crimea Peninsula, an area that Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The Ukrainian military reportedly used high-tech navy drones to attack the ship. It was the second vessel Ukraine allegedly sank in two weeks.

The losses come approximately a month before the Russian people head to the polls to decide whether to reelect President Vladimir Putin. Experts believe he will easily win the election.

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