DEI Officially Banned in the Sunshine State

DEI Officially Banned in the Sunshine State

( – DEI — “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” — is quickly becoming the most dreaded acronym in the English language. DEI is used as an excuse to force woke politics into every aspect of our lives. Conservatives are starting to fight back, though. Florida has just axed all DEI funding in its state college system.

On January 17, the Florida State Board of Education announced new rules on DEI. The board has officially defined the term for the first time, which is an important step. Up to now, it’s been vague enough that woke programs can slip through scrutiny, because there was never a clear definition. Now there is, so the Board and Florida colleges can tell whether a new program or policy is linked to DEI. If it turns out that it is, the new rules set a clear policy on using taxpayers’ money to pay for it — and that policy is “you can’t.”

From now on, if a program or activity is linked to DEI, colleges won’t be able to spend any state or federal funds on it. Ironically, the Board has done this by prohibiting public funding for anything that would “categorize individuals based on race or sex for the purpose of differential or preferential treatment.” In other words, it prohibits racism and sexism. Liberals claim to be against these prejudices, but in fact, DEI is all about treating people differently based on their race or sex. Now, that won’t be happening in publicly-funded Florida colleges.

Announcing the new rules, Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz Jr said colleges need to go back to focusing on “academic integrity and the pursuit of knowledge,” instead of pushing far-left ideologies on students. To help that goal along, the state is also axing the “Principles of Sociology” course, saying it’s been taken over by woke dogma. It will be replaced with an “accurate and factual” course on American History.

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