Democratic Congresswoman Caught on Hot Mic Cursing Out Staff

( – In 2014, a survey of staffers on Capitol Hill found that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was one of the “meanest” members of Congress. Three years later, the congresswoman was back in the news after an incident on a flight. Recently, an unflattering audio recording of the way she allegedly treats her staff was released on social media.

Congressman Lee is currently running to become the next mayor of Houston. ABC13 obtained a recording allegedly of Lee talking to a staffer about five years ago. In the recording, the voice allegedly belonging to the congressman gets angry when the person she’s speaking to doesn’t have the information she asked for. Someone says another person named Jerome allegedly had it.

The woman in the recording says she believes that when she asks Jerome for the information, “he’s going to be sitting up there like a fat f**ks, stupid idiot talking about what the f**k he doesn’t know.” Then she calls the person she is speaking to, and Jerome “f**k ups.”

The person in the recording calls other staffers names as well, including “a**holes” and “two g**damn big-a** children” who don’t serve any purpose.

Lee’s campaign blamed her opponent in the mayoral race, state Senator John Whitmire (D), of trying to hurt her campaign. A statement from the campaign called it a “low-handed political tactic meant to discredit” her. It went on to say that the attacks came from conservative media with the backing of Whitmire.

The congresswoman’s campaign had repeatedly refused to answer whether the voice on the recording belonged to her. However, according to The Texas Tribune, Rep. Lee has expressed regret over the situation in question, stating she knows she’s “not perfect.”

Whitmer’s campaign claims they had nothing to do with the recording becoming public.

This isn’t the first time Lee has been accused of being mean to people. In 2017, she allegedly threw a fit on a plane, which led to another woman getting kicked out of her first-class seat so that Lee could sit there. In 1998, Lee allegedly screamed at airline staff because she wasn’t able to get seafood on a flight.

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