Democratic Rep Humiliates Herself With Incredibly False Claim

( – Millions of people watched the last solar eclipse that will take place for the next 20 years. A Democratic congresswoman visited a high school to talk about the event. What she said led to widespread mockery.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has a reputation for being one of the meanest members of the House. Now, she’s being mocked as one of the dumbest. The latest controversy stems from her visit to Houston’s Booker T. Washington High School on April 8. Before the eclipse darkened the skies, the former chair of the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee told the students that a full moon is a “complete rounded circle” and it is “made up mostly of gases.”

Jackson Lee didn’t stop there. She said there are questions about how humans could live on the moon and whether the gases would permit that. The good news is, the moon is a much easier place to inhabit than the sun, according to the congresswoman. She said the sun is very hot, and almost no one can get near it, but “The moon is more manageable.”

The congresswoman went on to refer to the moon as a planet and said she would be the “first in line” to learn how to survive and live on it.

Satire site The Babylon Bee mocked the congresswoman, saying she’d been named as the head of Harvard’s Astronomy Department.

Juanita Broaddrick, who accused former President Bill Clinton of rape, said the congresswoman was, “Dumb as dirt.”

Others joked that the video of Jackson Lee’s speech “gives hope that literally anyone can be elected to Congress.”

It wasn’t just the congresswoman’s bad science lesson that caused people to mock her. She also struggled to put the eclipse glasses on, leading to an instant internet meme.

Jackson Lee has not released a statement correcting her speech.

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