Embattled Mayor Interrupted as Protesters Swarm the Stage

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(UnitedVoice.com) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has been fighting with President Joe Biden’s administration about the migrant crisis. He has repeatedly stressed that the Democratic-run city doesn’t have the resources to handle the influx. He’s also been accused of catering to the wealthy in his city, which protesters took issue with at a recent event.

On April 16, Adams gave a speech at an event hosted by the Association for a Better New York. Every table had a list of the mayor’s accomplishments on it. The themes included job growth and the reduction of some crimes. During his speech, he announced progress on a new 62-story office tower.

Citadel founder Ken Griffin and Vornado Realty Trust are financing the construction of the new building. Adams said that just like the Empire State Building decades ago, the new building demonstrates the growth of the city and its future. He said, “This building is an investment. It states we believe in our city.”

Shortly after discussing the new building, protesters stormed the stage. The protest was organized by a group called “Planet Over Profit.” They were holding a banner that they were never able to display and were standing just a few feet away from the mayor. The demonstrators chanted, “What do we need? A new mayor.”

Security quickly reacted and pushed the protesters off the stage. Police later told the media that four people were taken into custody. However, they didn’t say whether the individuals would face criminal charges.

As the demonstrators were being removed from the stage, the mayor told them that “yelling” wasn’t going to solve the problems the city was facing.

Planet Over Profit posted a message on X, formerly Twitter, accusing Adams of catering to the real estate lobby at the city’s expense and working to allow the rich to get richer.

In another post, the group said Adams sold out the planet to his friends in real estate.

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