Exit Polls Reveal Shocking Truth About Haley’s Supporters

Exit Polls Reveal Shocking Truth About Haley's Supporters

(UnitedVoice.com) – South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is the only Republican candidate still around to battle with former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. The ex-US ambassador for the United Nations has vowed to continue her campaign against her former boss. Exit polling recently gave a glimpse into the base supporting her.

On January 23, New Hampshire held its primaries. The state is one that allows all voters to cast their ballots for nominees, even if they aren’t members of the party they are voting for. Before the primary, it was clear there would be a lot of undeclared and Independent voters showing up to the polls. That’s one of the reasons Haley put so much effort into the state.

According to CNN, it conducted an early exit poll that indicated the former Republican governor received a lot of support from undeclared voters, approximately 70%. Additionally, most of them think the 2020 election results were correct and that President Joe Biden is the real commander-in-chief.

On the flip side, 70% of the people who supported Trump in the primary were registered as Republicans, and about 80% of them doubted whether Biden won the election. Approximately 75% said they decided to support Trump more than a month ago.

Trump won the New Hampshire primary by a much smaller margin than he expected. Haley received 43% of the vote and got nine delegates. The former president received 54% and 12 delegates. After winning the state, Trump called his former ambassador an “imposter.” Meanwhile, she vowed to stay in the race.

The next primary race isn’t until March in South Carolina. Haley served as the state’s governor for two terms, but Trump is currently leading in the polls there. She has a very narrow path to victory, but it appears, as of now, she doesn’t care what the polls have to say.

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