Fani Willis Picks Up Big Win Despite Months of Drama

( – The Georgia district attorney who’s leading the election interference case against former President Donald Trump has won a major boost to her re-election chances. Fani Willis just crushed her opponent in the Democrat primary. Now, she’ll be facing a pro-Trump Republican in November — and she’s also under a cloud for allegedly giving her ex-boyfriend a well-paid job in the Trump prosecution.

On May 21, Democrats in Fulton County, Georgia, voted in their primary to choose the party’s nominee for the county’s attorney general. Their choice was between challenger Christian Wise Smith, who positioned himself as the more progressive candidate, and incumbent Fani Willis, who’s best known for prosecuting Trump and 18 others over alleged interference in the 2020 election.

Willis was always the favorite and didn’t seem to take Wise Smith seriously. Last month, she refused to debate him, claiming she wasn’t willing to discuss “high profile cases” and couldn’t prevent debate opponents from bringing them up. Her confidence seems justified; she cruised to an overwhelming victory in the primary, winning 87% of the vote.

Willis is probably feeling confident about the actual election too, because Fulton County leans heavily left — in fact, it’s one of the bluest counties in the entire country, voting Democrat in every presidential election since 1976 and all but two since 1876. However, the divisive Trump trial could have an effect this year.

The Republican candidate for her job, Courtney Kramer, is a supporter of the former president; Willis has also angered many by appointing Nathan Wade, who was her partner at the time, as a special prosecutor. Willis’ office ended up paying Wade more than $650,000, and he spent some of that taking her on expensive vacations.

Judge Scott McAfee ruled that either Willis or Wade had to leave the case, and Wade stepped down, but it’s left a shadow over Willis’ judgment and integrity. That probably won’t be enough to let Kramer win, but Willis is already warning that Democrats can’t take her victory for granted.

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