Forget ‘Dark Brandon,’ Former Obama Official Calls for ‘Basement Biden’ to Return

Forget 'Dark Brandon,' Former Obama Officials Calls for 'Basement Biden' to Return

( – The presidential campaign is heating up. It looks like 45th President Donald Trump is going to win the GOP nominee and face off against President Joe Biden again. When discussing the upcoming election, one of former President Barack Obama’s officials recently recommended Biden stay hidden from the campaign.

On January 23, CNN’s Van Jones spoke about the upcoming presidential election and said he thinks Biden should stay under the radar during the campaign. The former Obama officials stated that if he were President Biden, he “would stay hidden” because the POTUS “doesn’t inspire confidence” and he isn’t “a great messenger for himself.”

Jones praised Biden’s work on the economy but said other people should be speaking for him. He stated the president “hid during the last campaign” and managed to be “Flash Gordon and save his own campaign.”

During the 2020 campaign, Biden was heavily criticized by the press and candidates for not holding a lot of events, and the ones he did hold were small. He blamed the national health crisis at the time. However, Republicans ended up giving him the nickname “Basement Biden” and saying he was afraid to face the voters.

When Biden did go out and take questions, there were rumors that he had handlers. Critics said the campaign didn’t want to allow him to speak to the press or voters because it would expose him as incompetent. Biden persisted and eventually won the presidential race.

David Axelrod, another former Obama official, said the election is going to be “trench warfare.” He said Biden’s campaign will spend more time talking about Trump than they will about Biden, and the former president will spend “a lot of time talking about Joe Biden.”

While Jones might think Biden should stay in the basement, other experts say he needs to be out on the trail, showing that he isn’t too old for the job. It’s not clear which side is going to win the campaign strategy fight just yet.

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