Former Senator Has Died at the Age of 87

( – Bob Graham was an enigma in the political landscape. The Democrat was one of the most popular governors in Florida’s history. He also served in the state Senate, state House, and US Senate. Sadly, he has now passed away at the age of 87.

Graham died on April 16 in Gainesville, Florida. Gwendolyn Graham announced her father’s death in a post on X, formerly Twitter. She talked about his long life of public service and how much his family loved him. The assistant secretary of education did not release a cause of death for her dad.

The Democratic powerhouse, born David Robert Graham, was known for his consensus-building with the Republican Party. He also wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for the good of his constituents. Graham served as a representative in the Florida House from 1966 to 1970. He then moved up to the Florida Senate from 1970 to 1978.

In 1974, the lawmaker had an epiphany and decided he was going to work full 8-hour days doing the jobs of his constituents. During his political career, he did more than 400 days of work. He mucked out horse stalls, took tolls from motorists, cleaned fish, worked on a road crew, picked tomatoes, and did many other jobs. The time he spent working had a huge impact on the way he legislated.

Graham was elected governor in 1978 and reelected in 1982. He launched the “Save our Everglades” program in 1983, putting in place policies to reverse the damage done to the vital Florida ecosystem. He also invested in education, added more than a million jobs to the state, and his policies are credited with raising the per capita income of Floridians.

After leaving office with an 83% approval rating, he ran for US Senate and won. He remained in Congress until 2005, making a name for himself there, as well. He was the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee during the September 11th attacks and a fierce opponent of President George W. Bush’s foreign policies. He ran for the 2004 presidential Democratic nomination but eventually dropped out.

Graham is survived by his wife of six decades, four daughters, 10 grandchildren, and three great-grandkids.

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