From Bad to Worse: Ethics Report Released for Rep. Santos

From Bad to Worse: Ethics Report Released for Rep. Santos

( – The House Ethics Committee released its findings on the investigation into Rep. George Santos (R-NY). The contents within were shocking and have led to new expulsion proceedings against him. But, he’s not going down without a fight.

According to the ethics report, Santos allegedly “blatantly stole from his campaign.” The investigators found the congressman “sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect” of his candidacy for the House for his personal benefit. Further, it determined that his donors believed they were giving money to him for his campaign, but he turned around and spent those funds on himself to support his luxurious tastes.

Investigators also allege Santos and his team lied about donations in order to generate contributions from both committees belonging to the Republican Party and new donors. And he was able to keep it all up by lying about his experience and background. Previous media reports found Santos lied about nearly every aspect of his life, from where he worked to his religion and where he went to school.

Santos denied the allegations made in the report. In a statement on X, formerly Twitter, he claimed the Ethics Committee, which is led by a Republican, was going to “extraordinary lengths to smear” him. He claimed that everyone who participated in the report “should all be ashamed of themselves.” After more insults, the congressman announced he would not be running for re-election. He said he won’t “stand by as [he is] stoned” for his flaws.

Rep. Michael Guest (R-MS), chairman of the House Ethics Committee, issued a statement after the report came out. He said his committee “unanimously concluded that there was substantial evidence” the New York congressman “caused his campaign committee to file false or incomplete reports” regarding its finances to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Guest is now pushing for the congressman’s expulsion from the House, saying it’s the most appropriate punishment given the findings from the investigation.

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