Governor Signs Bill Making Illegal Immigration a State Crime

Governor Signs Bill Making Illegal Immigration a State Crime

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has signed a new law in an attempt to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. It’s now a crime under state — not just federal — law to enter the country illegally. Abbott hopes it will allow Texas courts to deport migrants straight back to Mexico, but he’s likely to face challenges from Liberals and the courts.

On December 18, Governor Abbott signed Senate Bill 4 (SB4), which criminalizes illegal entry into the US. Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility, but Abbott lost faith in the Biden Administration’s ability — or willingness — to deal with illegal immigration long ago, and he’s been trying to apply pressure by busing tens of thousands of migrants to New York City and other liberal jurisdictions. That’s certainly started some arguments between Democrats, with New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) and NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) blaming each other and President Biden for the crisis that’s overwhelming their services, but it hasn’t stopped the flow into Texas. Now, Abbott is trying to deal with it directly.

Under SB4’s new rules, Texas cops will be able to arrest illegals for the misdemeanor offense of illegal entry. A judge can then give them a choice — accept a deportation order that will send them back to Mexico, or be prosecuted. Those who don’t comply could also face felony charges.

It’s almost certain the law will be challenged, though. The White House has already condemned it as “extreme,” and Mexico is arguing that while it’s obliged to take its own citizens back if the US deports them, it isn’t willing to accept migrants deported by a state, rather than a federal, judge. Thirty former US immigration judges have also condemned the law, arguing that because it gives Texas cops and courts authority in an area traditionally handled under federal law, it’s unconstitutional. Liberals will be determined to block any deportations under SB4, but Abbott’s just as determined to fix the problem.

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