Grandfather Gunned Down While Trying to Apologize

( – Over a seven-year period, there were nearly 220 deaths and more than 12,600 accidents related to road rage. In 2022, someone was fatally gunned down every 16 hours in violent incidents on the road. A man is now dead because of a minor accident in California.

On February 5, Jonathan Mauk headed to Walmart in San Bernardino to run a quick errand to pick up salt and soda, so he could make homemade beef jerky. The 59-year-old grandfather was driving through the parking lot looking for a spot when he reportedly reversed his Chevrolet Camaro and accidentally collided with 37-year-old Shawntece Marie Norton’s vehicle. The suspect was backing her car into a space at the time of the accident.

Witnesses claimed Mauk got out of his vehicle to apologize to Norton. Instead of resolving the issue with their insurance companies, Norton shot the victim in the face.

Matthew Mauk, the victim’s eldest son, spoke to ABC 7 and said he was able to pick up his dad’s vehicle the next day and noticed there was “a scratch on the fender,” and that was all. He said there wasn’t even a dent. “That is the extent of the collision that he lost his life over,” Matthew stated.

Norton allegedly fled the scene after shooting Mauk in the face. Authorities arrested her the next day and charged her with murder. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to a GoFundMe set up by Matthew, his dad was “an amazing man, loved by everyone” who knew him. He had three sons and two grandchildren. The fundraiser raised over $24,000 for funeral costs and other expenses.

Matthew told ABC 7 that his family was going to be very involved in the process of getting justice for his dad. He promised to go to every hearing and continue speaking out against the senseless crime.

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