House Set to Vote on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

House Set to Vote on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

( – In order to launch a formal impeachment inquiry, the House of Representatives must vote on it. When former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced the inquiry into President Joe Biden, he didn’t make it official by bringing it to the floor. His replacement, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), intends to change that.

On December 5, Johnson held a news conference and promised Republicans would vote on whether to launch a formal impeachment inquiry. He said it would not be a vote to impeach the president but would simply allow lawmakers to “continue the inquiry of impeachment, and that’s a necessary constitutional step.” The speaker predicted he would pass the resolution with all the GOP votes.

Republicans have resisted bringing the inquiry to the floor for a vote because not all of the moderate members of the party supported the investigation. The members who are in districts Biden won in 2020 are especially vulnerable. However, Johnson’s decision to stress that the vote was just about whether to advance the inquiry could help Conservatives because it just appears to be the normal process.

Johnson cited a November 17 letter from Richard Sauber, a special counsel to the president, who slammed Republicans for continuing to call it an “impeachment inquiry” and issuing subpoenas. Sauber pointed out that under the Constitution, they need the entire House to authorize the inquiry “before a committee may utilize compulsory process pursuant to the impeachment power.”

Republicans have accused President Joe Biden of receiving money from his son, Hunter Biden, and brother, James Biden. In one case, Hunter sent two payments to his father that the GOP claims were nefarious, but banking records show the money was to pay for a car loan. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) was questioned about it on “Meet the Press NOW,” in a fiery exchange with host Ryan Nobles. There was another three-figure check from James to the president. That was allegedly for another loan. The GOP wants to get to the bottom of the finances.

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