Hunter Biden Launches Lawsuit Against FOX News

( – The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have been the topic of much debate over the last three and a half years. Fox News recently made a miniseries about President Joe Biden’s son. Now, he’s suing.

On June 30, Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against Fox News and its parent company, Fox Corporation, in New York State court. The lawsuit centers around “The Trial of Hunter Biden,” a six-part miniseries that the network released on the Fox Nation streaming platform. In the miniseries, Joe Brown, a television judge, presided over a fake prosecution of Hunter for violating foreign agent and bribery laws. The president’s son has not been charged with either of those laws in real life.

During the series, a fake prosecutor used evidence from Hunter’s laptop, and real figures took the witness stand. Hunter’s lawsuit accuses Fox News of violating New York state’s revenge p*** law by publishing intimate images of him on the program.

According to the lawsuit, Fox News “published and disseminated [the] intimate images to its vast audience of millions” in a quest to “humiliate, harass, annoy, and alarm” Hunter and to hurt his reputation.

Hunter’s lawyers sent Fox a letter warning them to take the series down. The company removed it from the streaming platform a week later. However, the lawsuit claims the promotional video for the series is still online. The full series is viewable on other platforms as well.

A spokesperson for Fox News called the lawsuit “entirely politically motivated” and “devoid of merit.” The company alleges the program was published on the platform in 2022 but that Hunter didn’t complain about the program until April 2024. The statement went on to say that Fox removed the program but argued the president’s son has faced multiple investigations and has been convicted of felony offenses. The spokesperson said the company is looking forward to fighting the suit in court.

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