Independent Candidate Cornel West Announces VP Choice

( – Cornel West is a popular philosopher and longtime political activist. He has worked as a professor at Ivy League schools Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and other universities. His work primarily focuses on African Americans and racial justice. West is now running as an independent candidate for president. He recently announced his running mate.

West Announces Running Mate

On April 10, West was a guest on “The Tavis Smiley Show” on WURD Radio. He told listeners that he’d chosen fellow academic Melina Abdullah to run alongside him. He said he chose her because of her “deep commitment and investment” in poor and working-class people.

Abdullah is a black Muslim woman who serves as a board member for Black Lives Matter Grassroots. She’s also a professor of pan-African studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

West also said he wanted someone to run with him who would “put a smile on the face of Fannie Lou Hamer and Martin Luther King Jr. from the grave.” Abdullah appeared on the radio show with West and said her “heart just soared” when he asked her to be his vice president, and she immediately accepted.


Abdullah doesn’t come without controversy. She is a Black Lives Matter activist who believes states should defund the police, a wildly unpopular position among people in both political parties. In 2023, she spoke out against a proposed budget for the police in Los Angeles, claiming residents wanted to “divest from policing and parking enforcement,” according to Fox News. She also likes Minister Louis Farrakhan and has praised him repeatedly throughout the years.

Farrakhan has espoused anti-Semitic and anti-American beliefs. He heads the Nation of Islam, a black nationalist organization that spreads an anti-white ideology. The Southern Poverty Law Center has called the minister out for his extremist, hateful ideology that attacks Jewish and white people.

Trouble for Biden

West’s decision to choose a Muslim to run with him could pull voters away from Biden, who is having trouble with the Arab community. The candidate appeared on “CNN NewsNight,” with host Abby Phillip. The anchor asked him if he thought he was going to help former President Donald Trump win the race. West responded, “We’ll have to see.”

The independent candidate will have to get on state ballots if he hopes to secure the Electoral College votes needed to win the election. So far, he’s only secured spots in Utah, Oregon, Alaska, and South Carolina.

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