Islamic Terrorists Launch Coordinated Attacks Killing At Least 20

( – Terrorists killed 145 people at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow back in March. The Islamic State took responsibility for the attack, but Russia tried to blame Ukraine. Islamic terrorists have once again attacked the country, and the Kremlin is spinning the narrative again.

On Sunday, June 23, gunmen carried out multiple attacks at religious sites. The first attack occurred in Derbent in the region of Dagestan. Attackers slit the throat of a 66-year-old Russian Orthodox priest, Rev. Nikolai Kotelnikov. After murdering him, they set fire to the church. A short time later, militants opened fire in Makhachkala on a police post. They also attacked a synagogue and a Russian Orthodox Church. The Kele-Numaz synagogue was also burned down.

At least 20 people died in the attacks, including 15 police officers. Sources revealed that 18 of the victims were Muslim. Special forces killed the attackers. Al Azaim Media, a Russian-language channel connected to the Islamic State, claimed the attack was carried out on behalf of the Islamic State.

The Dagestan region has been a hotbed of unrest in recent months. Reports indicate it’s tied to the Israeli war against Hamas. In October, hundreds stormed an airport in Makhachkala and searched for Jewish passengers.

The Kremlin blamed the October incident on Ukraine, claiming the country played “a direct and key role” in the riot. They did the same thing when the Islamic State attacked the concert hall in March.

After Sunday’s attack, local lawmaker, Abdulkarim Gadzhiev, pointed the finger at “the special services of Ukraine and NATO countries.” Others said “outside forces” were trying to divide Russia and “sow panic.”

Not everyone was quick to blame Ukraine, however. Russian Senator Dmitry Rogozin said that blaming every terrorist attack on Ukraine and NATO would lead the country to “big problems.”

Officials in the Dagestan region announced they were holding three days of mourning for the victims.

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