Joe Biden Sued for Defamation

Joe Biden Sued for Defamation

( – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, as well as his former lawyer. During the 2020 presidential debates, then-candidate Joe Biden made comments about him in an attempt to attack Trump. Now Giuliani is suing.

On October 4, Giuliani filed a defamation lawsuit against Biden in New Hampshire. His suit claims that he was defamed twice during a presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, in October 2020.

The first statement Giuliani took issue with was when Biden brought up the fact that the former mayor traveled to Ukraine to try to dig up dirt on the Democrat. Biden accused Trump of trying to exploit information he knew was false because his national security advisor said that Giuliani was being “used as a Russian pawn.”

The second statement the ex-mayor is suing over is related to Biden’s son. During the debate, the Democrat responded to allegations being made about his son, Hunter Biden, after Giuliani allegedly obtained his computer hard drive and released it to the media. Biden said there were “50 former national intelligence folks who said” the laptop was Russian disinformation and that nobody believed it except the 45th POTUS and Giuliani.

Giuliani claims Biden knew that his comments would discredit and marginalize him. He accused the 46th president of painting him as a liar in front of the American people.

To prove defamation, Giuliani will have to prove Biden acted with actual malice when he made the statements. The former mayor will have to prove that the current president knew his comments were not true and that he wanted to damage Giuliani.

The lawsuit was filed in New Hampshire because the state has a three-year window to file defamation suits. The state also allows people to sue there even if the incident occurred somewhere else. Giuliani has not calculated how much he wants in damages, claiming he can do that part later, but noted: “it’s in the millions and billions of dollars.”

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