John Kerry Makes Shockingly Absurd Claim

( – Tens of thousands of civilians and military personnel have died during the Russian war on Ukraine — and the battle has no end in sight. Former Secretary of State John Kerry had an interesting take on what’s happening in Eastern Europe.

Kerry served as President Joe Biden’s special climate envoy until Wednesday, March 6. He departed his position to go work for the POTUS’ reelection campaign. The day before he departed from the administration, Kerry held a press conference. Russian reporter Igor Naimushin asked Kerry about the US relationship with Russia on climate. The former secretary made an absurd connection between the war and climate change.

The failed 2004 Democratic nominee for president stated that if Russian President Vladimir Putin “wanted to show good faith” his administration could announce steps to reduce climate emissions. Some might think showing “good faith” would be more along the lines of removing his troops from Ukraine and ending the unprovoked war against the neighboring nation, but the Biden official was on a roll.

Kerry took it a step further and stated that it might “open up the door for people to feel better about what [Putin] is choosing to do” right now. He went on to say the country could make major changes if Putin wanted to do that. Kerry said that if Russia could attack Ukraine, it should be able to address the climate challenges it faces. It’s unclear how the two are related and the 80-year-old didn’t try to thread the needle for everyone else.

The former official stated that because of the “unprovoked, illegal war against another nation,” the US government couldn’t engage in talks with Russia. Interestingly, the administration doesn’t have the same energy when it comes to Iran. The administration has spent a great deal of time trying to engage in conversations with the Middle Eastern nation despite its continued funding of groups that have launched attacks on American troops.

But Russia is off-limits.

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