Kim Jong-un Makes Shockingly Rare Admission

Kim Jong-un Makes Shockingly Rare Admission

( – It’s no secret that North Korea’s economy is in terrible condition. Years of economic sanctions have isolated the nation and made it difficult for it to do business with other countries. Recently, Kim Jong-un admitted the country was in bad shape.

On January 24, Kim spoke to members of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) at a meeting. The meeting was to discuss economic reforms. The country’s dictator told his political leaders they need to start considering development in rural areas as important as the wealthy areas.

Kim told the gathering that the economy was “in a very pitiful state, lacking even basic conditions.” He also reportedly said the failure of politicians to ensure people have “basic living necessities including condiments, foodstuff, and consumption goods” has created a “serious political issue” that they couldn’t sidestep.

The authoritarian leader demanded his leaders make “specific plans” to help people in the country. He explained that they were all tasked with the challenge of providing North Koreans with “more civilized and happier living conditions and environment.”

Kim’s remarks weren’t the first time he has spoken out about his country’s terrible economy and the deplorable living conditions his citizens deal with every day. During a similar meeting in January 2021, Kim said the country’s economic development plan failed in “almost all areas.” He called the previous five years the “worst of the worst” for the nation.

In the years since those remarks, Kim has done little to make his country’s economy healthy. In fact, he has become more belligerent on the world stage. He’s building up his military while his people starve. He’s repeatedly test-fired missiles in recent months and threatened both South Korea and the US. Kim’s actions have caused the country to be even more isolated, causing economic problems.

While Kim dumps money into his weapons programs and threatens other nations, his citizens are left to suffer the consequences.

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