Legal Filing Amended After Distressing Information Comes Out

Legal Filing Amended After Distressing Information Comes Out

( – Brian Laundrie allegedly killed Gabby Petito at the end of August 2021. He then killed himself in a Sarasota, Florida, park several weeks later. The parents of the two are battling it out in court, and Petito’s family just amended their lawsuit.

On November 30, Petito’s parents amended their lawsuit against Laundrie’s parents and alleged that they knew Petito was dead for weeks before her body was found. Lawyers for Nichole Schmidt and Joseph Petito claim Roberta and Christopher Laundrie of intentionally withholding information about their 22-year-old daughter’s death. In their new filing, they cited a deposition allegedly proving it.

Attorney Pat Reilly told The HuffPost that before the deposition with the Laundries, Petito’s family had a suspicion that they knew their son killed Gabby but couldn’t prove it. Then they admitted in the deposition that Brian called them on August 29 sounding frantic. He allegedly told his parents Gabby was “gone” and he would need a lawyer, then he hung up. They weren’t able to get ahold of him again until he showed up at their home in North Port, Florida, in Gabby’s van.

According to the complaint, after receiving the phone call from their son, the Laundries reached out to attorney Steve Bertolino, told him what Brian said, and retained his services. Four weeks later, police in Wyoming found Gabby’s beaten body on a riverbank near where she was last seen. She’d been strangled to death.

Brian later confessed to the murder, leaving a handwritten letter about it in a notebook that he had with him while he hid in the Florida woods before killing himself.

The complaint stated that the Laundries’ behavior throughout the ordeal “was outrageous and went beyond all bounds of decency.” The Laundries’ attorney brushed off the allegations in the amended filing and said none of the information was new.

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