Liberal Comedian Goes Nuclear on Democratic Socialists of America

Liberal Comedian Goes Nuclear on Democratic Socialists of America

( – The war between Israel and Hamas is revealing the utter barbarity of Islamist terrorism, but it’s also showing splits in the Western left. Comedian Sarah Silverman is the latest to realize the truth about some of her fellow leftists. In a ferocious Instagram post, she’s just verbally obliterated the Democratic Socialists of America.

Socialists Back Hamas

On October 7, Hamas terrorists broke through Israel’s fortified border, unleashing horrifying violence and murder. By the time troops managed to kill or capture the last of the intruders, at least 1,200 Israelis were dead — most of them civilians — and another 150 had been abducted and taken to the Gaza Strip as hostages.

The Democratic Socialists of America reacted with a predictable lack of empathy, releasing a statement that said they were “steadfast in expressing [their] solidarity with Palestine” and blaming Israel and the US for the appalling massacre. However, it seems not all their members were pleased with that statement.

Sarah Silverman is a typical left-wing celebrity. In 2016, she supported antique socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for the Democratic nomination, before switching to back Hillary Clinton. She’s supported a wide range of left-wing and social justice causes and was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America — until she saw their statement on the attack on Israel.

Silverman Reacts

On October 10, Silverman shared a screenshot of the DSA announcement on her Instagram and Facebook pages. She began, “The DSA of which I was a proud lifetime member, has lost me forever,” and, from the DSA’s point of view, it went steeply downhill from there. She pointed out that many of the dead Israelis opposed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government, and raged “THAT’S WHO HAMAS MURDERED.” She blasted the DSA as an “arrogant, ignorant piece of s**t group.”

Silverman also attached a screenshot of a message she said she’d left on the DSA announcement, which had then been deleted by the group. In it, she called them names before signing off, “F**k you and goodbye forever.”

Silverman isn’t the only leftist who’s been disillusioned since the Hamas attack. On October 10, Black Lives Matter Chicago posted an image of a parachute with a Palestinian flag on it, in an apparent reference to the paragliders Hamas used to attack the Supernova music festival, where they murdered 260 young people in the opening minutes of their attack.

Liberal journalist David Weissman, who’s consistently supported BLM, apparently wasn’t too impressed. Following the sick post from BLM Chicago, Weissman tweeted “F**k them, maybe the right was right about Black Lives Matter.”

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