Liberal Groups Unite to Defend ‘The Squad’

( – The notorious “Squad” of far-left House legislators is facing a serious threat at November’s elections. A pro-Israel group plans to fund challengers to the radicals, in reaction to their attacks on the Jewish state. Now, Liberals are rallying to their defense.

Since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, the group of far-left Democrat lawmakers known as “the Squad” have consistently taken the Palestinian side and called for a ceasefire and the reduction of US support to the Israeli military. In response, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is donating up to $100 million to candidates lining up to challenge Squad members in this year’s elections. This includes funding moderate Democrats running in primaries against leftists who are considered likely to join the Squad if elected.

Now a coalition of liberal groups has come together under the Reject AIPAC banner to support the far-left representatives. So far, more than 20 groups are known to have joined the coalition, which aims to raise millions of dollars to boost Squad members’ campaigns. One of the leaders is the Justice Democrats, a far-left PAC that wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, legalize drugs, and end arms sales to Israel.

Other members include Arab-American and Muslim groups, such as the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights Action, plus some anti-Israel Jewish peace organizations. Justice Democrats spokesman Usamah Andrabi says the goal is to ensure the Squad “have the resources to defend themselves against AIPAC.”

AIPAC isn’t intimidated by the challenge. A spokesman for the group told journalists that defending Israel is “entirely consistent with progressive values,” and said it isn’t going to back down in front of anti-Israel extremists. AIPAC has previously used a super PAC, the United Democracy Project, to fund candidates opposing anti-Israel Liberals. Now, it’s specifically targeting the Jewish state’s most extreme opponents in Congress.

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