Liberal Influencer Opens Up About Becoming a Conservative

( – Amir Odom is a conservative influencer who used to be a liberal. In 2020, he posted a video calling out Black Lives Matter. Now, he’s opening up about why he decided to leave the Democratic Party.

Odom recently spoke to Fox News Digital about his ideological shift. He said that when he was a Democrat, he was following the left’s “script of thinking all Republicans were racist and homophobic.” He also said there was an assumption that he had to be a Democrat and support the LGBTQ+ because he was gay and support Black Lives Matter because he’s black.

According to Odom, his mindset shifted when he started doing research on his own. Prior to that, he said he was “just regurgitating headlines” and what other people said. After he began educating himself, he explained he went “from marching in the streets with BLM to shaking Donald Trump’s hand in the White House.”

Odom also spoke out about the Democratic Party’s position on transgender kids. He explained that the Left wanted him to say it’s okay if kids transition, but he refused to do that. He told Fox News Digital that as soon as he expressed that he doesn’t support allowing kids to transition, it led to people calling him “transphobic” and “homophobic.”

The former liberal said that kids deserve to be “protected.” And he thinks everyone should agree that in order to consent to gender-affirming care, they should “have the right mindset.” He compared regulating the procedures to the way the government imposes rules on voting and drinking.

Odom isn’t the only popular social media influencer to march with BLM and then become a Trump supporter. In 2016, Cassandra Fairbanks, a former liberal blogger, started campaigning for the billionaire after Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic primary. She told BBC that she began researching Trump and “started agreeing with more of what he was saying” and decided to switch teams.

As for Odom, he said more gay Democrats are switching parties because the Left continues to “eat their own.”

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