Mayor Adams Takes a Page From Gov. Abbott’s Playbook

Mayor Adams Takes a Page From Gov. Abbott's Playbook

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has been bussing immigrants out of Texas for more than a year. New York City is one of the destinations the governor is sending migrants to. Now, the Democratic mayor of that city is being accused of taking a page from the Republican governor’s book.

On January 3, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” and spoke to Wolf Blitzer about the immigration crisis. The host pointed out that Abbott called the mayor a hypocrite because he is busing away from the city. Adams said the allegation is “totally inaccurate.”

According to Adams, officials ask the migrants where they have family or want to go. When those migrants name an area outside of New York City, officials send them on to their final destination. He explained that Abbott bused a lot of migrants into the city “who wanted to go to other municipalities and didn’t have any other choice” but to go to the Big Apple.

Adams went on to say that Abbott is using the migrants to target cities like NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and others. He claimed that was different from asking people where they want to go and “reticketing them […] where they have families, friends, or other systems to support them.”

It’s not entirely accurate that the migrants “didn’t have any other choice” but to go to NYC, as Adams claimed. None of the immigrants are forced onto buses in Texas. They all have to give Abbott permission to transport them to other states. The busing program is completely voluntary.

The mayor did acknowledge that no mayor, including those in Texas, should have to deal with the migrant crisis. He also pointed out that it’s a problem the federal government should be working to fix. On that point, he and Abbott agree.

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